04 June 2008


GM announced that it will be closing SUV and pickup-truck plants, and likely stop making the Hummer H-1.

GM stated that it would close plants in Oshawa, Canada; Moraine, Ohio; Janesville, Wis., and Toluca, Mexico. Several thousand jobs will be affected. Those plants are responsible for pickup trucks and SUVs such as the Chevrolet Silverado, the GMC Envoy and the medium-duty Chevy Kodiak and are expected to end production no later than the end of 2009.

GM also said that it expected to stop building the H1, flagship of its Hummer line.
The Hummer gets an average of 15 miles per gallon, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. it costs more than $150 to fill up the H1's two gas tanks, which together hold 51.5 gallons.

About 12,000 H1s have been sold to the public, including 4,000 by GM, which bought the marketing rights to Hummer from AM General in 2000.

"Today's news is a painful reminder not only of the challenges America faces in our global economy, but of George Bush's failed economic policies. For eight long years, we've had an energy policy that funds both sides in the war on terror without promoting fuel efficiency or helping make our auto companies more competitive," said Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.


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