21 August 2009

Espo's Love Letter

Post by Heather S.

I'm loving "A Love Letter For You," a new project Stephen Powers AKA ESPO's been working on along with the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. I'm planning a trip to Philly to check it out when the mural project of 50 painted walls is complete. They're even holding sign painting classes!

I recently watched The Universe of Keith Haring on DVD three times and was amazed at how thoughtful Keith was about doing public art. Keith wanted to do something that would last, that the general public could enjoy everyday and not have to go to a musuem or art gallery to see. Here we are 25 years later, and his artwork still can be found in many major cities from public parks, to schools, to even Woodhull Hospital in Bushwick (NOT a nice place--the building looks more like a prison than a place you would go to get better. Genius that Keith would do a colorful mural there. The place needs it).

So happy about all the new murals from Anthony Lister and Os Gemeos. While the twins were painting the Deitch wall on Houston street last month, there was steady stream of onlookers, some were fans, mostly graf heads, and then random people walking by who had no idea who the Brazilian artists were.

I stopped by the wall almost every day because it was on the way home from work, and there was ALWAYS a group gathered around watching them paint and just chillin' on the street, taking photos and video. I always stopped by myself, too. This shows how there is a desire, maybe even demand (especially from other graf/street artists), to see the process of their work. It was a great and rare opportunity to see Os Gemeos use spray paint for the entire mural, to see how they do their detail work, use stencils, and have almost no pre-sketches (at least from what I could tell). We took some great detail shots.

19 August 2009

Watch Out Cause Somebody Gonna' Get Pregnant!

Chit-Chit-Chat-To The Cha Cha!

17 August 2009

We're DJ's

Thanks DJ Selectinverse!

15 August 2009

Upset Magazine Now Available To Buy Online!

Upset Mag Issue One is finally available for purchase online at the MAKING DEALS webstore!

Issue one of UPSET MAGAZINE features an interview with graf photojournalist Martha Cooper (of Subway Art), a tour of bootleg toymaker Suckadelic's NYC Chinatown studio, an interview with ZEB, and much more. Full color. 2nd limited printing!

Some of my other favorites at the Making Deals store includes Overconsume's print and Aiko's bunny sticker.

Post by Heather Schmidt

13 August 2009

Training Day, With Mc'Lovin!

Common Sense and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (i.e., McLovin) do their own rendition of The Film Training Day and guess who plays Alonzo!

12 August 2009




Opening Reception: August 13th 6 - 10PM
MCA Warehouse 1747 West Hubbard Street, Chicago, IL 60686

Kenny Scharf, Jonas Mekas, Martha Cooper, Agathe Snow, Kelsey Brookes, Cheryl Dunn, Maya Hayuk, Kenzo Minami, James Jean, Scott Campbell, Erik Foss, Peter Sutherland, Mike Giant, Chiara Clemente, Julia Chiang, Takuya Sakamoto, AIKO, Ellis Gallagher, Ji Lee, Chris Stain, Chris Uphues, Falcon Duran, Taliah Lempert, Alfredo Bovell, Nesta Mayo, Benedict Radcliffe, Ashira Siegel, Steve MacDonald, Artus De Lavilléon, James Newman, Kevin Foxworth, Joe Stakun, Andrew McClintock, Marco Mucig, Yatika Starr Fields, Daniele De Lonti, Lisa Romans, Amy Bolger, Jacques Ferrand, Marc Sich, Herman Mao, Camilla Candida Donzella, Fast Eddie Williams, Suzette Lee, Wiilliam Robbins and Jeffrey Robbins, I LOVE DUST, Nathaniel Freeman, Amelia Shaw, Jessica Findley, Lauren Silberman, Alessandro Zuek Simonetti, Matteo Di Nisio , Ed Glazar, Cecily Upton, Rich Jacobs, Jesi The Elder, Chris Berg, Blutt, Christopher Dilts, Tiliah Lempert, Josue Pellot, Cody Hudson


11 August 2009

R.I.P. Andy Kessler

10 August 2009


05 August 2009

That New Candy Tax.

By Emenfuckos

Most of you guys rarely watch the news or read the paper but here's one that left me stuck on stupid. They're gonna start taxing some candies at 10.25% and not others? WTF i dont think these dumb asses in goverment know that half of us barely scrape by!

Read More Here: Candy Tax

01 August 2009