30 July 2008

Damn, 5 Years Old and Already Hitting Hooters and the Track!

You know, I was lampin' at the daycare, then I went down to the Pep Boys, stocked up on some Bubble Tape. Then I went to the race track, grabbed myself a drink, then you know, just went to Hooters and did some coloring.

✈ Eliot lipp ✈ on XLR8R TV

Eliot Lipp gives a grand tour of his basement music studio in NYC.


27 July 2008

24 July 2008

Solve: Tribute Art Show.


Chicago Street Artist Killed in Weekend Violence

R.I.P. Solve

Tonight In Brooklyn...

The Nasty Jam!



Rapper NAS spoke yesterday at a NYC protest rally outside the Fox news Manhattan headquarters
NAS Accused Fox of promoting racism and Decried Obama smears made by the news network.
"We already know that Fox is not a news network; they are a propaganda machine" -NAS


Watch the full movie here! : OUT FOXED

Pound it.


23 July 2008

Saber x Augor x Revok

MSK crew steady killing the Billboard game in LA!


Who says jail isn't fun~

Shout out to Just For Felons!

How I roll

Thanks Regina

16 July 2008

Physical Graffiti

Current TV interview on Martha Cooper

Upsetmag chit-chat with Marty Cooper

C'mon Dude Man up!


13 July 2008

Pose-The Seventh Day Project

Straight Reppin'

also peep the Augor in action on video

Speedo Guy

12 July 2008

Can the Drummer Have Some?

Travis Barker

Travis Barker & Quest Love

And Yes Stevie Wonder

11 July 2008

There Will Be Bud

07 July 2008

Richie Jackson

likes to experiment with skateboarding...


DUFFED OUT just put out some stills from their recent Video Zine

Pick up a copy and support The Almighty Dustward Nation here.

06 July 2008

Welcome To The System

Not Guilty
Also today Media Giant Viacom in a ongoing legal battle and $1bn lawsuit with Google over copyright infringement has won a court ruling allowing Viacom to view records of every video watched by You Tube users along with their login names and IP addresses.
BBC.com: Google must divulge the viewing habits of every user who has ever watched any video on YouTube, a US court has ruled.
The Internet is a snitch!

05 July 2008

Tiffany Bozic

Fifty24sf Feature on the San Francisco based artist.


02 July 2008

Live Day By Day

Day By Day Productions presents:
Teenagers from Uranus the Sequal to their first film Teenagers from Marz.
Written and created by Will Carsola and Dave Stewart, a twisted sketch comedy movie guaranteed to blow your head off. Featuring: graffiti bombing, the new hair bling, singing hobos, rapping Jesus and Dr.Phill as a serial killer.

Soooo...Wha'd you do last night?


01 July 2008

The North Pole: Ice Free?

Try explaining this one to your kids when they ask about Ol' Saint Nicks place of residence.

Firsthand observations and satellite images show that the immediate area around the geographic North Pole is now mostly annual, or first-year, ice—thin new ice that forms each year during the winter freeze.

Meaning this summer for the first time in history the North Pole may be free of ice due to Climate Change.

Scientific models had not suggested that the Arctic would see its first completely ice-free summer until somewhere between 2013 and 2030 clearly showing the rapid increase of the effects of global warming.
Almost all models have the Arctic completely ice free in the summer by 2100.

Warming Oceans Contributed to Record Arctic Melt
Arctic Ice at All-Time Low

Supreme Court Says "Get Your Strap On"

The Supreme Court overturned the 32-year ban on handguns in Washington, D.C., ruling 5-4 that there is a Second Amendment right to own a gun for personal use. Justice John Paul Stevens wrote in his dissent that the court's ruling, its first on the Second Amendment in 70 years, showed a lack of “respect for the well-settled views of all of our predecessors on the court, and for the rule of law itself.” The National Rifle Association promptly brought lawsuits against five other cities with handgun bans, including San Francisco, Chicago, and Oak Park, Illinois.

Still unclear if the Supreme Court's decision will actually lead to the repeal of municipal gun bans Mayor Daley Of Chicago calls the ruling "a very frightening decision.".

This new ruling comes amid an uprise in shootings in the Chicago area where the city has had a ban on handguns since 1982.

The superintendent of the Chicago Police Department and Mayor Daley both blame an excess of guns on the streets for the large amount of shootings that occur in the city of Chicago
Police superintendent, Jody P. Weis has been quoted as saying “There are just too many weapons here, Too many guns, too many gangs.”

Since September, more than 20 Chicago Public Schools students have been killed by gunfire. Last school year, more than 30 students were killed, 24 of them shot — compared with 10 to 15 fatal shootings in the years before.

In the midst of the ruling I'm checking into some new gear, of the bullet proof variety!
Defender Hoodie by Britan's Bladerunner ($865).