29 October 2008





OAK PARK, IL 60304
(708) 848-0901

TO SEE MORE WORK BY THIS ARTIST PLEASE VISIT:http://www.chucho-arte.com/

28 October 2008

McCain Be Old!


Are You There Jah?

It's Me Ras-Trent.

Halloween Party wth DJ Logan Bay

shit bring the no2 here, dance party starts around 12:30am

26 October 2008

24 October 2008

Fotoflow Photo Show, Chicago

Upset Crew member, prolific street photographer, and close friend, Oscar Arriola AKA Fotoflow, is having his first solo art showing this Saturday. We're so happy for him! He's stupendous! You must go.
Peep his flickr. Oscar, we wish we could be there. Take lots of um, pictures for us, okay??

Fotoflow Photography Opening
Saturday, October 25th
@ Believe Inn
2043 N. Winchester
Chicago, IL

Read More about it on Fotoflow's blog: fotoflow.blogspot.com

Ninja Sonik's CMJ show @ PIANO's

Best show I've seen all CMgay, if I see one more person walking around with a guitar talking about how great their show @ SXSW was, I swear!

"somebody's gonna get pregnant"

"somebody's gonna get pregnant"
http://www. myspace. com/ninjasonik

http://www. myspace. com/ninjasonik

Posted by: Frank Serpico

23 October 2008

Under the Influence

I got an advanced copy of the Olsens new book called er..."Influence," (like under the influence of drugs?) and I want to hate it. But turns out, it's pretty good. A coffee table book mixed with light reading, there are tons of great pictures of of-the-moment artists, photographers, and other various creative-types and pretty people.

The interviews prove interesting because there is a homliness to them, Mary-Kate and Ashley are simply talking to their good friends and recording it (genius!). Luckily, they keep good company: from Vice photog Terry Richardson, to couture king John Galliano, to Chanel mastermind Karl Lagerfeld. They even have a detailed list of charities they prefer to donate to with an explanation why for each one. They promoted this book on Oprah and you know Oprah, anything she touches turns golden.

Love it or hate it, they do have influence. Take a walk down 2nd Avenue and you'll see many a girl dressed like the stylish pair with over-sized layers, bed head, and giant sunglasses. And you know you tried to get into Beatrice once because you heard they hang out there (But now they hang out at Lit. Lit? Really?!) It's hard to deny that these little munchkins (I mean, women) are business savvy. They ain't dummies--didn't they go to NYU for, like, a semester?

Meet the twins in person at Barnes and Noble in Union Square on October 28th. It will be madness.

Posted by Heather

22 October 2008


SeMeN SPeRmS DJin' w Porkchop for VICE Late Nights @ Webster Hall

FREE Sparks - Orange Tongues - FREE Downloads - Bring yer memory cards

Tuck yer CMJ pass in yer shirt, you look stupid!

Start Time:
Thursday, October 23, 2008 at 12:00am
End Time:
Friday, October 24, 2008 at 4:00am
The Studio in Webster Hall
125 E 11th St

RSVP: http://www. viceland. com/vicelatenights

21 October 2008

Austin, TX: Huge Halloween Monster Art Show

Image: Matt Furie
Monster Show 3
Friday, October 31, 2008 at Domy Books, Austin
913 E Cesar Chavez, Austin, TX 78702

Show runs through December 5
Image: Matt Furie Type: Rene Cruz

FEATURING a huge line up of artist

20 October 2008

Ninjasonik - Tight Pants (The Rap Remix)

Homies got a new video out~

Via- chunnel.tv.com
Ninjasonik is like one LP away from becoming the household name they are destined to become. Their live shows have become some of the most talked about events in New York, and it's only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches on
Read the rest here: chunnel.tv/music/ninjasonik-remix

And here's Ninja Sonik's CMJ schedule:
Early show at the foot of the willimasburg bridge. 8pm (right before Team Robe) ALL AGES
Late show @ PIANO's midnight FREE BOOZE 21+


Night 2 AM SHOW @ cakeshop w/ best fwends and crystal antlers. FREE PBR!!


Early show @ Goodbye Blue Monday @ 6 pm

Late Show @ MUSIC HALL OF WILLIAMSBURG w/ IHEARTCOMIX FAMILY!! we go on round midnight or later

17 October 2008

It's a Girl Thing, NYC

This YOUNITY exhibit promises an urban landscape installation piece that pushes the boundaries of graffiti, photography, urban art and fine art. Sixty urban contemporary female artists will be showing including AIKO, Lady Pink, Swoon (my personal fave), Martha Cooper, and members of MISS Crew, plus the book launch for Heart and Soul, a book featuring works from all exhibitors. DJ Elle will be spinning. All girlz on their shit! Seriously, if you're a dude looking for a date...

Opening Friday, October 17th, 8-10 PM
Show runs through November 17th
@ Alphabeta
70 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn

16 October 2008

The Novem Store's Art Show

Our friends over at Novem Studios have been busy. The Chicago-based graphic design company just debuted their new t-shirt line for fall AND opened a storefront in the Windy City two weeks ago. The Upset’s Frank Serpico phoned up ELOTES, co-founder of Novem, to catch up on the happenings as he was prepping for an art show being held at the shiny new Novem store.

Elotes: Yo!

Frank Serpico: What going on? What are you doing?

E: Working on the store.

FS: Oh yeah, that’s why I’m calling. I want to do a quick Q & A with you about what the deal is with your space and what’s going on with Novem.

E:  Well uh, it’s crazy. Haha!

FS:  Ha! So What’s the basis behind what you’re doing with your new space?

E:  Well, it’s a store, but we are going to have one wall open to a feature artist once a month--traditional, gallery-style.  But basically we were over at my loft for the last year and half and we kind of fell into this craze. A friend of a friend was like, “Yo, I’ve got this space, come fill it, come start a store.”  And we were like, “okay, fuck it.”  We got it open two weeks ago and this weekend is the first showing of a feature artist.  He writes MORF, he does some crazy shit. We’re putting stuff up on the wall now, getting things tidied up.

FS:  That’s awesome! So your selling Novem gear in the store?

E:  Yeah, it’s been open two weeks now, we didn’t even really announce it and we’ve been doing good.

FS: I’m really glad for you guys. You’re having the opening tomorrow?

E:  It’s not a grand opening for the store, it’s just an opening for Morf’s artwork. We’re doing a little gallery-type showing.  The grand opening for the store will probably be next month. November, Novem, you know. Hehe.

FS:  It’s so great to hear that things are going good. I wish you the best of luck and wish I could be there.

E: I’m sure we’ll still be here next time you're in the Chi.

FS: Word, take care.


"Ya Rat Bastard" Art Show @ The Novem Store
Opening:  October 17th 6-10 PM
1104 N. Ashland, Chicago

Martha Cooper Tag Town Book Launch

Book launch party of Martha Cooper’s Tag Town.
It takes place at Alphabeta, Thursday October 23 from 7-10 PM, Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Read The Upset's interview with good ol' Marty Cooper.

15 October 2008

DJ Intel Presents The Dirty Social

Our homies over at Dirty Social showing that you could still have a good time in Chicago even during a financial crisis!

Dirty Social Video 2 from DJ Intel on Vimeo.


14 October 2008

The National Debt Clock In NYC Ran Out Of Digits.

The digital counter in NYC that keeps track of the US national Debt recently ran out of digits to display the ballooning figure: $10,150,603,734,720
or roughly $10.2 trillion, as of Saturday afternoon.
Read more about it here: www.cnn.com/national.debt.clock

13 October 2008

New Works By Mike Giant

White Walls Gallery presents all new works by Mike Giant.  Opening reception is October 11th, 2008 from 7-11 pm.  The show runs through November 1st premiering a solo exhibition of 60 plus works.

Recently retired from tattooing to focus on his fine art career, Giant also promotes his clothing line REBEL8, which he began here in San Francisco with partner Joshy D. in 2003. Giant claims that although “it’s been great to focus on drawings more than tattoos, admittedly [he] still enjoys working in skin on occasion”. Like his art, the line highlights his trademark skulls, icons, and tattooed girls.

There is no denying Giant’s high skill level in creating the seamless images crafted by his Sharpie. Focusing now on his drawings, Giant has been able to add written comments and anecdotes to his illustrations welcoming viewers into his mind. His signature style harks back to old school print techniques that required defined line work and a steady hand, which Giant perfected through his studies of Architecture and Graphic Design. A stint in Amsterdam also influenced and added to Giant’s collection of works where he kicked back on his rented houseboat. Ultimately, it is Giant’s respect for a traditional technique; versus creating computer-generated images, and his attention to detail that warrant him a master at his craft.

One in Four Mammals Going Extinct

This year an extinction crisis has been confirmed, after the most comprehensive assessment of the world’s mammals has revealed that almost one in four species are at risk of disappearing forever.  The findings show that 1,141 of the 5,487 mammals known on Earth are threatened with extinction, with at least 76 mammals having become extinct since 1500.  However, the situation could be even worse, as 836 mammals are listed as Data Deficient.  As information improves, more species may well prove to be in danger of extinction.
Hopefully if this issue is taken seriously world wide we can help put a stop to this situation and save crazy wacky creatures like this Aye Aye!

Read more about it here: news.bbc.co.uk/World 'to fail' on nature target

Posted by Frank Serpico

Nike's Mr. Windrunner By Todd "Reas" James & RYZE

Nike's Mr. Windrunner by Todd "Reas" James - Video

Read more about it here: www.reasinternational.com

Blast Master KRS-ONE

Sucka MCs Duck Down.

12 October 2008

Middle America Is Scared...

Of an Arab Obama?

11 October 2008

Upset Member's BLOGG Battalion

Here's a sort of updated list of all the Upset Members blogs! We'll try and take something from everyone's buffo bloggo and add it to this one, but be sure to check them out on their own! Also peep our blog list on the right for updates from all our fam!
-The Upset Crew

Nicky Dieter's Get Vibed Blog: Getvibed.blogspot.com
OSCAR ARRIOLA's FotoFlow: fotoflow.blogspot.comFrankie S's Making Deal$: Makingdealszine.blogspot.comGhetto Po's Flickr page (get a blog homey!):GhettoP82's photostream And Sticky Rice Heather's In Her City blog: inhercity.blogspot.com

NYC: Week Long Art Event

Brooklyn: Via DJ Dirty Finger

10 October 2008

Doze Green & Blek Le Rat at the Jonathan Levine Gallery Oct. 18th

Doze Green has a upcoming show entitled N.O.O.N. at the Jonathan Levine GalleryBlek Le Rat
will also be showing in the Project Room
Both shows will be running Oct 18 thru Nov 15, 2008

Chicago Cubs & Sox Mural

New Krink K-42 Paint Markers

Just released
New K-42 Paint Markers.
Opaque pigmented Krink
11 colors
Excellent for drawing on metal, plastics, and paper.
In stores now.

08 October 2008


‘Quest for the Cyclops Pyramid’- A series of new paintings by Joey Potts
Opening: October 17th (preview opening) and 18th (main opening) 7-11pm
32nd and Urban Gallery
Chicago, IL

REVISE CMW solo show @ UNTITLED OCT 12th

Untitled is having their friends and family night where everything will be 20% off...
New work from Revise CMW
1911 w. north ave.
Wicker Park, Chicago

07 October 2008

JARE X-MEN CREW: Doesn't Want to Know You

I got a moment to sit down and unwind with Jare while he was in between killing things. Here's what he had to say on NYC and Chicago graffiti, social butterfly graf writers, and ways of removing cat hair from your clothes.

-Interview by Frank Serpico for UPSET Magazine

FS: So what’s going on, how you been?
J: Good.
FS: How’s your "three goals" thing you set for yourself going so far? What was it again?
J: It was money is first, hoes second, and…money again.
FS: So you’ve been doing a lot of work in NYC lately, what’s your motivation?

J: In a big city like NYC it’s a hustle just to survive. In other cities in America it’s not as hard, so if you can do it here you know you’re worth something.
FS: I know you’re no stranger to getting up, you’re up a lot in Chicago, one thing I noticed when I first saw you up there was your graffiti stood out, like you were still doing it like shit hadn’t change, what motivates you in doing graffiti and in doing what you do?
J: I’m doing it for my crew, that’s one of my top motivations. When I saw people like Sivel, Page and Fact just crushing now like how I saw them doing it back in the day, that’s just like an inspiration to me and I try to use that to stay determined. I see what these guys are doing and it makes me even kinda want to one up them, but it’s all in good fun.
FS: What were some other writers you remember seeing up when you first got into this?
J: Back when I was a kid I just remember all over downtown (Chicago) seeing Bel Loves Mode. I saw that all over downtown, and I didn’t even realize what it meant. Then as I started to notice graffiti more and more I just started to absorb everything around me and I would just pay attention to the small things even the most toy graffiti I would pay attention to. And then I started taking the train and I started seeing Comie, Fact, and FOC crew up and FB, Swiss. I just naturally met them and became friends, and I thought I want to be part of this.
FS: Now that you’ve been in that Chicago writer scene, what do you think of the NYC writer scene, do you still want to meet other writers?
J: I know a handful of writers and they know me and we’re friendly and all but I’m not that interested in meeting everyone, their work should speak for themselves: what you see, who I am doesn’t matter, but what I do, does.

FS: What year did you first start writing?
J: I was always writing my name in graffiti style since I was probably eleven, my first name was Commode, like a toilet, and then I had a grip of other toy names after that, but I didn’t really get serious until 2001. I went out, stole some cans, went under a bridge, and painted my name.
FS: What was the Chicago graffiti scene like then and how has it changed?
J: The game never changes, only the players. I seen a lot of people who came, killed it, fell off, fell into obscurity. I mean killing it is cool, but longevity is key--it’s more important if you’re still around, more people will pay attention, your shit’s going to stand out cause you know people will say, “Oh yea, he’s been doing it since back in the day,” where as a lot of people have came and went.
FS: How do you feel about the buff in Chicago in comparison to NYC? Is NY on its way to having a hardcore graffiti removal program?
J: There’s a key difference, and that is there (are) laws in Chicago that if you don’t remove graffiti from your property in a certain amount of time, the city can fine you.
FS: What? I didn’t know that.

J: And that gives them total authority to paint public buildings. Where as in NY it’s more liberal and accepting, so their not going to just go and paint your building just because someone else deems it ugly. I’ve seen some similarities in NYC graffiti removal, but I wouldn’t be surprised in today’s age if they bring that totalitarian tactic to NY.
FS: What crews are you rolling with right now?
J: Right now really pushing the X-Men Crew, Teamsters.
FS: X-men has some members in NYC?
J: Yes, there’s the Chicago X-Men chapter heads who’s me, Type, and True.
FS: What other cities have you gotten up in?
J: Detroit, some rinky-dink towns.
FS: You do a lot of bombing, but you also do a lot of freights. Which do you prefer: bombing or piecing freights?
J: Actually, I prefer a little bit of everything. I’ll do pieces, but usually I gotta get my paint first--pieces get a lot of play, freights are nice and relaxing and I’ll do ‘em during the day, but it doesn’t really compare to actually doing it on the street or on a rooftop or off the highway.

FS: Got any cool chase stories?
J: I caught a tag the other day on this subway station and when I walked away I heard some one yell, “Hey you, come over here,” and I just kept walking, didn’t turn around, walked up the stairs, jumped on my board and skated away. I get back on the train and guess who gets on my car--an undercover detective. I just acted like I was sleeping, I saw him mess with someone else, it was close.
FS: What about the shit that happened the other night? Haha!
J: Oh yea, I was walking down the street, and I find this fifty dollar (Chinese) wok, and I go get on the train. And while I’m waiting sitting on the bench I look over and see these lesbian girls arguing, two butch ones and one lipstick one. All of a sudden they were arguing and I see one of them reach into her back pocket and she pulls out half a stone brick and starts beating the other one over the head with it right next to me! I was distraught; I had to beat her with the wok in order to keep her from killing her. They wouldn’t stop fighting. I saved the girl. They were some ghetto dykes.

FS: Any future plans?
J: Yes, maintain. Follow my three goals. Don’t get racked over some bullshit.
FS: What advice do you have for other younger writers on the come up?
J: Don’t let it take over your life. You gotta stay in control of it. And don’t kill yourself…over graffiti.
FS: What’s your favorite way to get cat hair off your clothes?
J: I get my hand wet and just kind of do this (rubs his arm in a downward motion).
FS: What? What about tape? Do you use tape?
J: Yea I’ll use tape too, I just try to not even go near the cat hair areas, if I don’t bothers thems, they don’t bothers me.
FS: Anybody you want to give a shout out to?
J: Shout out to my crew and anyone else who’s helped me along the way.

03 October 2008

Rappin' with the Rickster!

Ricky Powell’s Apt.A show.
20 years of work from Ricky Powell.
Ricky Powell will be on hand signing posters the night of the opening.

You can also check out The Rickster on his public access show (Rappin' with the Rickster) on Wednesday Nites at 11PM(NYC time) on Channel 57 or on mnn.org at the same time from anywhere


02 October 2008

I Can't Relate to Palin!

I'm not going to any kids soccer games anytime soon so I can't relate
But I'm sure there's a ton of scared soccer moms who can.
Watch as Palin flubbers through the subject of the current problems with the economy here:

and here:
Palin Vice presidential debates on the problems with the economy
see more of the debates here:

Also check out the pretty valid point Matt Damon had on the subject:

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