31 December 2008

New Year's Eve at Hideout, Chicago

Should be fun!

New Years Eve - Dec 31st, 2008
The Hideout Chicago
1854 W. Wabansia, Chicago, IL
Starts at 9pm

DJs: Walk This Way vs. Gutter Butter
VJ brunerd

23 December 2008


“NEXT: A Primer on Urban Painting” is a documentary exploration of graffiti-based visual art as a world culture. The filmmaker profiles the art form in nine countries including USA, Canada, France, Holland, Germany, England, Spain, Japan and Brazil. A combination of vérité moments and interviews with painters, “writers”, designers, documentarians and other participants within the subculture, the film conveys the dynamism and creative energy of this significant emerging artistic movement. Further Information: • Theatrical Trailer • Live Painting in Miami w/ Barnstormers, HVW8 & Inkheads • Live Painting in Miami featuring Lee, Doze & Dzine • Tony Alva in Paris •London Extras

22 December 2008

All I Want For Christmas: Heather's Wish List

Eye Candy: Books by Swiss independent publishing house Nieves. Ever since seeing their booth at the Printed Matter book fair in New York, I've been kind of stalking this small art book company. I particulaly like Wesley Willis's North Lake Shore Drive and Peaceable Kingdom by Chris Johanson and Jo Jackson. Both sell for $20. Printings are limited in number, which makes them even more special. Plus, Nieve's cute, hamburgler-esque logo is hard to resist.

The Gift of Bling: Me and Ro Tiny 10k Gold Skull Earrings
More classic, Day-of the-Dead inspired then your typical skull icon. Also available with diamond or ruby eyes. According to the Me&Ro website, "the skull is a reminder that all things will pass, there is wisdom in living in the face of such mortality." Available at Barneys for $260.

To Brighten My Workspace: Friends With You Doohickies. Who the hell knows what they are, but they're so freaking cute and cheerful that I need all six of them. Now. $8 each.

The Gift of Adventure: Around the World Airline Tickets. Create your own itinerary. West Coast, South America, Europe, SriLanka, India, Asia, and back to the West Coast for about $1499.00. Tickets are valid for 12 months. This doesn't includes a place to sleep...or Malaria vaccinations.

Brooklyn Block Party

Nevermind the artic chill, Ad Hoc Art in Brooklyn is throwing a block party. This one takes place indoors (thankfully) and centers around block printing and lino blocks. Artists include C-Damage, Gaia, Swoon, and more.

"Brooklyn Block Party" runs through January 4th
Ad Hoc Art
49 Bogart Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206

This Christmas

I Want To See You Get Paid!!!

Frank Serpico

20 December 2008

All I Want For Christmas: Nicky Dieter's Wish List

It's almost Christmas and if you're out of gift ideas, the Upset's graphic designer Nicky D. gives some novel gift ideas--from font books to stunt driving lessons. Bad economy be damned!

Now before going into this, know that I'm broke. I have no intent in getting you a gift nor do I want you to get me one. However, if you are one of the privileged ripe with green pocketbooks and want to see me open gifts, my friend this list the for you.

The Gift of Knowledge: Franktur Mon Amour by Judith Schalansky

More than 640 pages devoted to black letter (Gothic font), showcasing 333 typefaces collected by Schalansky, accompanied by a CD of 150 usable fonts. Four of them created just for this book. At $75 this is not an easy purchase in times that call for frugality, but there is no denying me my bible.
Available at Quimby's

Something That Will Stand the Test of Time: A Custom Tattoo From Stickler's Odds 'N Ends Tattoo Studio

Andrew Stickler's custom flash style suits my needs. I'm thinking the term "CORN FEED" across my knuckles, twin roosters in rampant stance fighting each other with blood and sweat pouring out, or an ear of corn husk peeled back revealing radiant kernels.

For You Big Spenders: Stunt Driving Lessons

Drivers East High Performance Driving for Motion Pictures. This school was formed to train new stunt drivers who need not only to slide a car, but to be able to hit a mark consistently and safely. They do this on a closed circuit, I want to bring this to the street.

Day 1-
Forward slalom, Use of mirrors/reverse slalom with mirrors, braking, threshold braking, 4 wheel braking, braking to a mark, Forward 180º left, Forward 180º right, 90º right, 90º left
Day 2-
Reverse slalom and use of mirrors, lane change 90's, drift 90's, box 90º's right to a mark, Box 90º's left to a mark, 180ºs right to a mark, 180's left to a mark, Reverse 180º's, Skid Turns (Fish Tails)

Two-day course: $1775 plus I'll need to been flown to New Jersey.

Risk One: All About The Heart


19 December 2008

The Dardys Tonight in NYC

Image by Sean Thomas

Our pals The Dardys are playing tonight at The ANNEX in NYC.
Brave the snow and show some love, it's in the air and everybody knows it.

18 December 2008

17 December 2008

Danny Hoch Is Taking Over

Hip-hop theater pioneer Danny Hoch storms The Public Stage once again to chronicle the hot topic of gentrification in New York City (relevant to any city overtaken by shoddy condos and Sex and the City wannabes). Danny gives voice to everyone, from the developers evicting locals to make way for lofts, to the bar-hopping career hipsters who buy them, and those left in the wake of both. The one-man-show aptly titled, Taking Over, is sure to be a raw, explosive, hilarious, and heartbreaking study of the impact of our obsession with economic expansion.

Friday, November 7 - Sunday, December 21
Tuesday at 7pm
Wednesday - Saturday at 8pm
Sunday at 2pm

16 December 2008

Holidays Remixed: Peanut Butter Wolf's Badd Santa

Not everyone loves "O Holy Night," so here's some holiday music to put haters in the holiday spirit. Peanut Butter Wolf's remix, Badd Santa, features James Brown, 69 Boys, Georgia Anne Muldrow, James Pants, and Free Design, and doesn't overdo it on the sleigh bells. Perfect for your next Holiday party!

15 December 2008

The Piece Process at Anonymous Gallery, NYC

Of all the many new galleries opening on the Lower East near Chinatown, Anonymous Gallery is our favorite. Why, you ask? Check out the line up for their next show, The Piece Process, opening this week:

Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Richard Hambleton, Robert Indiana, Dennis Oppenheim, Ray Johnson, Todd James, Eric Haze, Bast, Elbow Toe, AIKO, Kenji Hirata, Greg Lamarche, Aakash Nihalani, Erik Foss, Deven Marriner, Michael De Feo, Logan Hicks, Judith Supine, Dan Witz, Maya Hayuk, Daniel Joseph, Ripo, Skewville, Brandon Friend, Dark Cloud, MOMO, Dan Funderburgh, Ellis Gallagher, Matt Siren, The Clayton Brothers, and MORE

Anonymous Gallery is proud to combine three generations of prolific artists whose work has been influenced by, or has directly influenced popular culture, design, and the urban environment.

Exhibit runs December 17th - January 24th
Opening Reception: December 17th, 7 - 10PM
329 Broome Street, Lower Level, NYC

14 December 2008

The Internet Is A Snitch

Graffiti diva and fashion blogger Claw revealed [whoops!] Neckface on her Blogue.
Gawker picked up the story.
SEMEN SPERMS had this to say on the subject:
"As though anyone really gives a shit, besides The Vandal Squad, who prolly knew already, cuz they’re such jocks."
Read More on Semen Sperms Blog here: semensperms.com

09 December 2008

New Prints From Melon!

New Prints From MELON ONE just in time for the holidaze!
Heartfelt beats
100 prints made of this painting; size: 11x17
Price: $15

50 prints made of this image; Size: 8x11
Price: $10

Buy more get more! Buy both prints for only $20. Plus, get a vinyl sticker and a button with any purchase.

If you would like to purchase a print, send Melon a message on his myspace: myspace.com/melonjames

For All You Really Sensitive Hipsters


07 December 2008

Wackiest Skate Video Ever!


This Is Berlin Not New York

Art Collective Antagonist Art Movement took a trip to Berlin and now have a DVD out documenting their art spree overseas. It's a look at ten New York underground artists doin their craft on the other side of the world and buggin' out on not getting arrested for it.

This Is Berlin Not New York features artists Arturo Vega (artistic director for the Ramones), Ted Riederer (exhibited at PS 1 Contemporary Art Center), Ethan H. Minsker (founding member of the Antagonist Art Movement), Richard Allen, Brett Farkas, James Rubio, Un Lee, and Crispy T.


06 December 2008

Original Villain Network: Balls of Magic!

We love this series! In the latest episode of The DARKOWL CHRONICLES, continuing his quest for the three magical items needed to break the spell on Goldy Fox's Locked box, the Baron enlists the help of his "friend," The CRYSTAL PHARAOH.


03 December 2008

Mear One

Says stop biting.

New Book by David Choe

One of our favorite artists, David Choe, recently inked a deal with San Francisco's Chronicle Books to publish a book of his art. The book will probably not hit store shelves until 2010, but it's nice to know it's in the making. And his recent work which I was able to check out at The Outsiders Show held by Lazarides Gallery this fall in NYC was repulsive beauty at its finest.

Check out the double-handed can control in the Dirty Hands trailer, David's feature film that took five years to put out. Any artist who punches himself in the nose and uses the blood to paint with is okay by me!

How To: Fire Extinguisher Joints

You Gotta Love German Innovation.

Props to Ster, Paster and Curtis
Photo Credit: F.Trainer

Danny Diablo

That real dunn-dunn-dun.

Source: mqism.com

02 December 2008

Photos From Mumbai Attack.

India based freelance photographer Zackary Canepari took some intense photos of the situation in Mumbai along with a inside perspective from Canepari he has posted some background and photos of the three day standoff on his blog:

More photos from the attack can be seen here:

Gunmen terrorized Mumbai for more than two days, killing at least 180 people during attacks at a train station, a restaurant, two five-star hotels, a movie theater, a hospital, a police station, and a Jewish center.

"Nothing But Letter" Book Trailer


Blu In Berlin


29 November 2008


Despite laws, pixações have taken over São Paulo. Literally meaning ‘trace’ or ‘stain’ and dating back in its contemporary form to the mid-1980s, pixaçõe is a striking form of graffiti unique to the city that developed when Sao Paulo writers began creating imaginary calligraphic signatures influenced by hybrid blackletter, historic letterforms and the logos of heavy metal and hardcore bands.

Drel One Social Butterfly!

Our man Drel out on the town in Chicago

28 November 2008

Butt Bandit Grabbed For Greasy Graffiti

Graffiti has all forms, some of which is labeled art, but residents of the small Nebraska town of Valentine likely aren’t in love with the displays left by a man who has been tagged the “Butt Bandit”. In fact, it has to be one of the weirdest cases in the little town’s history, perhaps that of the whole state.

Police in the town had been on the lookout for the “Butt Bandit”, a man who had been visiting businesses during the nighttime hours during the spring and summer months and pressing his naked rear end and/or groin against storefront windows, churches and even schools after greasing up with petroleum jelly or lotion, leaving graphic images.

A 35-year-old suspect was allegedly caught in the act about 3:30 a.m. Wednesday but so far, no charges had been filed against him.

Police said the strange acts of vandalism began during the spring of 2007 and that the suspect appears to be the same man who was caught on a surveillance camera engaged in the same type of behavior last year at a school building. Police said that he had suspended his “displays” during last fall and winter but had resumed again this spring. 11-22-08


Get Your Smoke On

KAWS has just released this set of ashtrays through his OriginalFake label. Entitled Your Pleasure is My Pain, they feature his iconic Mickey Mouse skull character laying in the ashtray waiting to receive cigarette butts. If I smoked I would only use these.

Available here.

From Fotoflow.

Worker Dies at Walmart After Being Trampled

A surging crowd of bargain hunters at a Wal-Mart in Long Island, NY trampled to death one store worker.

The 34 year-old worker, employed as an overnight stock clerk, tried to hold back the unruly crowds just after the Valley Stream store opened at 5 a.m.

Witnesses said the surging throngs of shoppers, who would obviously stop at nothing to save $50 on a flat screen TV, knocked the man down. He fell and was stepped on. As he gasped for air, shoppers ran over and around him.

"He was bum-rushed by 200 people," said Jimmy Overby, 43, a co-worker. "They took the doors off the hinges. He was trampled and killed in front of me. They took me down too...I literally had to fight people off my back."

Source: nydailynews

27 November 2008

Mumbai attacks that have left at least 101 dead

In highly coordinated attacks, teams of gunmen stormed several sites across India's financial capital of Mumbai Wednesday, killing more than 100 people and targeting mostly Westerners.
Indian security forces have surrounded two hotels in Mumbai, the Oberoi Trident and the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, which were taken over by gunmen who launched co-ordinated attacks in the city on Wednesday that have so far left more than 100 people dead.
Mumbai is entering a second night of crisis and two top hotels are burning. Gunfire has been heard coming from the old, historic heart of the Taj Mahal Palace hotel. Security forces are still battling with the gunmen.

Eleven police officers, including the chief of Bombay’s anti-terror squad, were killed in stand-offs with gunmen. At least eight terrorists were killed and nine arrested
US President-elect Barack Obama says the US must strengthen ties with India and other nations to "root out and destroy terrorist networks". His national security spokeswoman, Brooke Anderson, says Mr. Obama "strongly condemns today's terrorist attacks in Mumbai, and his thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families and the people of India."

Source: BBC News

Cope2 Presents "Top Of The Line"


Shepard Fairey
Ron English

Looks Dope!

26 November 2008

And You Thought Your Morning Commute Was Bad?

Oshiya, or "pusher", is an informal Japanese term for a worker who stands on the platform of a railway station during the morning and evening rush hours, and pushes people onto the train.
And don't even think about catching the train in Mumbai!

25 November 2008

Kaws '97


Doing it up big

Ninja Sonik @ Cake Shop



24 November 2008


Iraq Vets Gettin' Into "Street Art" Action.

Seven members from IVAW's LA Chapter staged an early morning action on October 11th, placing 4,200 miniature soldiers around a gas station along with posters declaring "The Price of Gas: 4171 US SOLDIERS" (since the action, the number of US soldiers has climbed to 4,193). Participants in the Operation W.A.N.T. (We Are Not Toys) said their goal was to show average Americans what 4,171 US Soldiers looks like and to connect the deaths of US troops to this country's dependence on foreign oil.


The Only Good Rock Star is a Dead Rock Star

Italian artist Marco Perego recently unveiled his sculpture of William Burroughs murdering singer Amy Winehouse entitled, The Only Good Rock Star is a Dead Rock Star.
The exhibit also includes a series of drawings (some studies, some indirectly related) further exploring the link between sex and violence, borrowing from childhood memories of chivalry, innocence, and romance. Currently on display at Halfgallery. 208 Forsyth New York, NY


Source: juxtapoz.com

21 November 2008

Estevan Oriol For Upper Playground

In 1995 Los Angeles-based photographer Estevan Oriol took up photography, cataloging the outrageous experiences he was having out on tour. When on tour, he began to take pictures of his homies from the neighborhood. He soon discovered that he had a gift for capturing the raw essence of street life with his photography. Estevan took the opportunity seriously and within a short time, he became featured in dozens of magazines worldwide including: The Source, Details, Vibe, The Fader, and Rolling Stone.

Estevan Oriol's line, made in collaboration with Upper Playground, includes t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and accessories.


Source: Clout Magazine

Palin Still As Oblivious As Ever

Watch as she babbles on and on while turkeys get their necks slit behind her. I'm thankful that you're no where near The White House!

Vote for Chris Silva Remix

Chris Silva AKA JASE, currently living the good life in the wilds of Puerto Rico, has a remix track in contention for The Roots. The first round of this contest is basically one of internet popularity. The top 25 vote getters will proceed to Round 2 where they will be judged on the merits of their remixes. Won't you be a good person and help Mr. Silva on his musical quest?
Listen to his remix and vote for him here.

VIA FotoFlow Blog!

THE LYFE Movie Premiere This Sat.

Our Homeys over at Day In The Lyfe Magazine are having a party and art show to celebrate the release of THE LYFE, a 90 minute graffiti art documentary.

The Lyfe was shot in 2007-2008, on a sony z1U HD camera. Shot on location, during missions with top graff writers across the united states.

This weekend on 11-22 from 7PM to Midnight at AlphaBeta on 70 Greenpoint in Brooklyn.

There will be an art show featuring work by the Lovely Brenda, Peru Ana Ana Peru, Faro, Lionel Guzman, Joseph Waller, Reginald Pean, NohJColey, and Dean Moran.

Music will be provided by dj vj (homestudioradio.com) and dj slouch (caesar23.com).


20 November 2008

Get Frosty With Dj Logan Bay!

Saturday November 22nd
11PM at Tumans

BootLeg flyers!
Gutter Butter

Tonight Celebration for Novem Store Grand Opening!

In honor of the first brick and mortar Novem store, they're having a 9-day "Grand Opening" event November 15-23. Stop by and check out the place and see different live art each day starting at 3pm, and catch 20% off all apparel.
Nov 15-23 at 1104 N Ashland Ave, between W Haddon and W Thomas; Ukrainian Village, Chicago. 773.698.6990
And of course an after party or two!


19 November 2008

Mint & Serf at Ogilvy NYC

Artists Mint and Serf in their new series titled, Industry Calling, draw influences from advertising, consumerism, and capitalism. The large vinyl on Plexiglas collages contain bold primary colors that crisscross seamlessly across the surface. The result is a hypnotizing design that requires nothing more than a visceral reaction. The representations within the frames are recognized objects like tropical trees, graffiti elements, national flags, and classic fonts that homogenize the works against a rainbow-like palette.
Mint and Serf: Industry Calling
309 W49th Street
14th Floor
NY NY 10019
Live Music by the Boogie Brothers.


A New Film is coming out soon about Keith Haring's life.“The Universe of Keith Haring” (Arthouse Films).

"The creator of some of the most popular, enduring images of late 20th-century art, Keith Haring was also an iconic figure of the downtown New York scene in the '80s. Christina Clausen's documentary offers an affectionate, deeply personal glimpse into Haring's life, from his early years growing up in a small, conservative Pennsylvania town to his heyday as a world-renowned artist, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Madonna, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Andy Warhol."

18 November 2008

New Alchemist Video Illustrated By Todd James

“Lose Your Life” featuring Snoop Dogg, Jadakiss & Pusha T


NYC Street Artist Royce Bannon

Choice Royce's Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/rbstruckstop

New Artwork by Matthew Rodriguez

Matthew Rodriguez is currently exhibiting his artwork in Los Angeles at Tinlark Gallery

See more Photos of Matthew Rodriguez's work HERE: www.myspace.com/rodriguezz

Hanukkah Reggaeton


We Ride By Train Vol.1

In Select Stores Now.

Ellis Gallagher aka © Ellis G. Brooklyn Street Artist


Typical Rap Videos

15 November 2008

Monk Throw Down?

Monks brawled at Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulcher, where Christ was crucified and buried.
Monks from the Greek Orthodox and Armenian denominations were preparing for a ceremony at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the Old City when a disagreement led to a full-fledged fistfight.

The fight began when Armenian clergy were holding a procession to commemorate the finding of the cross believed to have been used in the crucifixion of Jesus, according to The Associated Press.

The Greek members of the clergy wanted one of their monks present, the AP reported, for fear that the procession would undermine their claim to an ancient structure built on what is believed to be the tomb of Jesus.

The two sides could not agree, and when the Armenians tried to begin the procession, the Greek monks stepped in and the fighting began, the AP reported.

"We were keeping resistance so that the procession could not pass through ... and establish a right that they don't have," a young Greek Orthodox monk with a cut next to his left eye told the AP.

Many among the dozens of monks came away with cuts
Officers were called to the scene to break up the brawl. They detained two monks, one from each denomination, Rosenfeld said.

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem is thought to be built on the site of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. Rivalries between the different sects that share control of the church often lead to tensions.

14 November 2008

A Maze @ Factory Fresh Brooklyn

A Maze
www.factoryfresh.net - November 11, 2008
STIKMAN, LA II , CELSO, INFINITY (& introducing: C-Beauty) November 14 – November 30, 2008 Opening Reception – November 14 from 6pm -10pm New York City street artists

13 November 2008

06 November 2008

KAWS Exhibition @ Gering & López Gallery NYC

Opens up on November 6th with an opening reception free to the public from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm. The show will conclude on December 23rd.
KAWS Exhibition at the Gering & López Gallery
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday | 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
730 Fifth Avenue
Between 56th and 57th Streets
New York, NY 10019
p: 646.336.7183

During Election Night Coverage Jessica Yellin beamed into the studio

Did you happen to see this?
Holograms were used for the first time in television news coverage during the US presidential election.

05 November 2008

Chicago and Nation's Reaction to Obama’s Historic Victory!

Be proud to be an American.

Obama Wins Presidency

Feel It! A brand new day!

"Chicago offered us its own spectacular countdown to the end of the longest presidential campaign in history"
Read more about Obama's moving acceptance speech in Chicago here: bbc.co.uk/us_elections

Obama's victory speech in full: WATCH

Time To Celebrate!


02 November 2008

When You Vote In The Upcoming Election

Just remember:
You can get with this!

Or you can get with that:

The choice is yooours! www.myspace.com/blacksheep

01 November 2008

Dreams Don't Die

Dreams Dont Die 1982
filmed on location in New York Dreams Don’t Die first premiered on ABC television in 1982.
The late Dondi CIA was hired to do all the (King 65) graffiti for the film

Two young kids in love, one young graffiti artist and the other a foster-child, find trouble on the mean streets on the other side of the river in New York City. Officer Charles Banks finds young Danny bombing subway cars and later catches Teresa selling drugs for another mislead teen,Captain Kirk.

The officer, instead of turning both of them in, gives both teens a chance to make more of their lives together. Changing their ways turns out to be more challenging than first thought.

You can watch the rest of the film here: Dreams Don't Die 1982

29 October 2008





OAK PARK, IL 60304
(708) 848-0901

TO SEE MORE WORK BY THIS ARTIST PLEASE VISIT:http://www.chucho-arte.com/

28 October 2008

McCain Be Old!


Are You There Jah?

It's Me Ras-Trent.

Halloween Party wth DJ Logan Bay

shit bring the no2 here, dance party starts around 12:30am

26 October 2008