30 April 2009

Limited Edition AFROE42 Zine

In memory of Fausto Manzera, NOVEM has made this limited edition zine that will be available at The Novem Store starting this Friday.

A proper dedication to their fallen brother. Like we said there is a limited amount so swing by The Novem store this weekend and pick one up.

The Novem Store
1104 N Ashland.
5- 10pm
1104 N. Ashland Avemue, Chicago

29 April 2009

Stickers Available for Sale This Friday: Aiko, Faust, Overconsume, Kosbe, Stomach, and more!

Just found out Aiko (formerly of Faile) will have some stickers up at the Sticker Sale we're curating this Friday. I'm planning to buy one of those straight out the package! All stickers sell for $5.

Artists whose stickers will be availabe at the sale include: Aiko, Edek, Faust, Kosbe, Get 2, Falcon, 5003, Overconsume, Blanco, Celso, Royce, Theory, C-Damage, Cahbasm, NohJColey, Drexel, Chris from Robots Will Kill, Tazz, Zeight, Zato, Sure, Plasma Slugs, DDock, Eggyolk, Ader, Gorey, Goya, Real Abstract, Risk, R. Kelly, Fonzo, Weed Wolf, Viking and many more.


Putting In Work.

Today is the deadline to drop off all stickers and donations. If you need to schedule a time to drop stuff off email us @ upsetmagazine@gmail.com

28 April 2009

Early 90s Chicago Graffiti

You can get a sense of classic Chicago handstyles in this video by DONE UEMF.  Footage includes original fill-in by BENZ (CAB/TFO) rest in peace.  Memorial DUKE piece by GREPH (XMEN/CAB), memorial TEWEL/DUKE outlines.  Also includes PESKE SAW crew tags, FAT crew outlines, and 3XD/CAB war flips. Chicago Blue Line station, 1993.

Submitted by Ghetto P.

27 April 2009

Upset Road Trip 2009!

Whooh for road trips!  NYC to Chicago in umm...13 hours?  We made it even after crashing on Monster energy drinks and getting lost in Jersey (again).  Now we're here in Chicago prepping for the Frank's Making Deals Zine premiere and the Martha Cooper book signing for Subway Art and Going Postal at the Novem Store and Novem's pop-up gallery, Novem Life.

 Meanwhile we've been crazy on the twitter giving you updates into the madness.

25 April 2009

Street Unity: Art Show to Benefit the Families of Andrew Cazares, Fausto Manzera, and Nazon Simmons

Upset will be holding a silent art benefit Saturday, May 2nd in Chicago. All money raised will be divided among the families of Andrew Cazares, Fausto Manzera, and Nazon Simmons . Thank you to Stef for all your help and to Rumble Arts Center for letting us use their space.

Artwork and photography for sale by Martha Cooper, Thor, Christopher Tavales Silva, Kosbe, Goons, Royce, Amado de Leon, Cahbasm, Casper James, CzrPrz, David Robinson, Viking, Rednose, NohJColey, Mental, Nicky Deiter, Kepha, Rome, Saga, Egor, Tese, Plasma Slugs, Emenfuckos, Sighn, Melon.
A full list of artists involved will be announced soon. Artwork will go for cheap and is for a great cause. Don't sleep!

Street Unity Silent Art Auction
Saturday, May 2nd 8-11 pm
Rumble Arts Center
3413 W. North Avenue, Chicago

24 April 2009

The Lower East Side

It's no question that the Lower East Side has been going through some major changes for over the last ten years and more. People have seen it coming--if you haven't seen this documentary on new york legend Clayton Patterson on the conversion of the Lower East Side and East Village into a yuppy and hipster playground, go out and watch it now!

This is one of the elegant newly built giant parking lots in the area.

It's actually on the same block as Clayton Patterson's die-hard gallery and home. It's also behind a bunch of huge condo buildings and hotels that have gone up in the last couple of years. That bill board is looking mighty empty!
R.I.P. That Gate on Rivington. Alot of gates and walls on Essex seem to have gotten the buff recently. Bummer. Props to the dudes out there still putting in work.

Since shit's getting painted over, we decided to take a little photo excursion to try and preserve some of what's up right now and what's still riding.

Party's Over!


And old REVS tag still holding down the block.

And here's a couple of oldies but goodies!

Sorry if we left anybody out,
Props to the ones out there putting in work, don't sleep y'all!

23 April 2009

Andrew Talks Bikes: Ahoy There!

Coming to you live from the cultural hub of the United States of America, Tempe, Arizona! This is Andrew Combe with a brief introduction.

I'm an Australian, married to a beautiful scientist (just like in a movie), and I'm living the dream in a part of the country meteorologists refer to as "stupid hot." As Upset mentioned, I'm about all things bike-related, especially the cultural phenomenon known as "fixed gear bicycles."

I was lucky enough to meet Frank on a tour of duty in the ninth circle of hell (Urban Outfitters). We bonded whilst sharing cigarette breaks, ball busting, shoplifters, and folding t-shirts again and again and again...

Here are some images of my bikes that I've designed:

I've got to keep it short and sweet at the moment due to the imminent arrival of my first child, but I'll be posting sporadically as time permits to keep you all abreast of all things happening on two wheels.

The Great Outdoors NYC

We're big fans of a good hit-up doorway. Lots of great artists are in this upcoming show at Artbreak Gallery in Brooklyn.

The Great Outdoors--a celebration of doors as canvas

New works by: Billi Kid - Blanco - Broken Crow - Buildmore - Cake - C. Damage - Celso - Cern - Chris RWK - Deeker - Destroy&Rebuild - Feral - Goldenstash - Yassie Goldie - Imminent Disaster - Infinity - Kngee -Dana Woulfe- La 2 - Matt Siren - Morgan Thomas - Peru Anna Anna Peru - Plasma Slugs - Royce Bannon - Skullphone - The Dude Company - Stikman - Veng RWK - Wondowzoo - and an all doors slide show by Luna Park.

Artbreak Gallery
195 Grand Street, Williamsburg
Opening reception 6-10pm, Saturday May 2nd.

Bombing Science Interviews POSE

Check out an interview with Chicago's Pose MSK on Bombing Science.

Interview by S. McDonald

Bombing Science: How did you get into Graff and what were your early inspirations?

Pose: Boredom and the unbelievable urge to be up everywhere and rock burners. In the early nineties (pre-buff) Chicago’s graff scene was BOOMING! There was so much good graffiti and so many writers, shit was destroyed, riding the trains as a child it was the most unbelievable shit I had ever seen, nothing could describe it. With Graff visually sinking in your whole childhood you just get to a breaking point where you go out, rack some shitty cans and try your hardest to figure it out. Then comes the wildfire that takes over your life, the excitement, bombing, chases, beef, wars, court cases, racking, friends, fights, good times, stories, travels. The next thing you know it just completely consumed the last 17 years of your life.

BS: When did you realize this was what you wanted to do for the rest of your life?

Pose: Ha, I still haven’t figured out if it is! Seriously I’ve been asking myself that question a lot the past few years, and unsuccessfully attempting a retirement / hiatus. I have massive OCD so painting graffiti has been less about a choice and more about a life coping mechanism for me. Either way regardless of how bad graffiti will run your life through the ringer there is nothing that compares to it and I'm sure I'll never be able to fully quit...ever.

Read More Here:

We're On The Flickr

Now in addition to our Myspace and our Gmail and our Twitter, we’re now on Flickr. Let the internet stalking begin!

We also have a Upset group, feel free to join, contribute and discuss!

So far we've been getting some amazing submissions to our group,
Here's some samples from our pool.