30 September 2008

Hipsters Are Shallow

The Dead End of Western Civilization:

A article that ran in the recent issue of ADBUSTERS that discusses the youth subculture that mirrors the doomed shallowness of mainstream society.


New York Magazine is currently running an article on Yuppies and the transition of NYC into their personal playground.

"How young urban professionals revived the city, turning it into their own personal playground"

29 September 2008

New Track from Rebel Diaz "A Trillion"



27 September 2008

26 September 2008

Suicide prevention train platforms

Newer train lines in Japan have suicide prevention platforms. 5-foot walls span the entire platform, with doors that only open when the train has safely stopped at the station. Jumping in front of a moving train is one of the most common suicide methods in Japan—it was, at least, until people started spreading information on how to gas themselves at home.

Via: tokyomango.com

NYC police accidently help naked man in Brooklyn kill himself

UPDATE! Taser Unit Gets New Leader.
The New York Police Department's Emergency Service Unit received a new commander just two days after a Taser gun related fatality. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly also ordered about 400 officers to participate in training sessions starting today that would review tactics for dealing with mentally disturbed people. The move follows the shooting of a naked man, who then fell to his death from a security gate in Brooklyn, with a Taser gun by an officer.

23 September 2008

"The Vandals Live Again!"



A group show taking place in the Bowery District of New York City opening 26th September 2008. The show runs for at least 2 weeks, featuring work from around 20 artists including Faile, Antony Micallef, Vhils, Conor Harrington, Paul Insect, Bast, Miranda Donovan, JR, Jonathan Yeo, and many more.

282-284 BOWERY, NEW YORK NEW YORK, 10012
Private View: Thursday the 25th of September, 6pm
Public Viewing Friday 26th (for 2 weeks)
Lazarides Gallery ~
ukstreetart.co.uk: Lazarides descends on NYC with The Outsiders

Exquisite Corpse show at Oh-No! Doom


I'm looking forward to We Need Each Other, an exquisite corpse show opening from 6-10 pm, Saturday, October 11, 2008 at Chicago's Oh No! Doom Gallery. The huge collaborative piece they're going to display will consist of 80 1 x 1 foot artworks all connected to each other in a grid 16 feet long by 5 feet high. There'll also be a separate display of work by 20 other artists.

Oh No! Doom
2955 W. Lyndale
Chicago, IL

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20 September 2008

Notorious Latarian

These kids nowadays need a postive influence. Like Biggie! Seriously he lays it down for the youth in the first ten lyrics!

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Update! Oh Snap Remix!!!

19 September 2008

Gkae: Bandanas and Ray Bans

Interview with Gkae on a 90's talk show trying to understand that graffiti phenomenon.

More can be found here

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17 September 2008

Chicago: We Are A Community

Free Belvedere Vodka 9-10.

Sponsored by: Frank 151

15 September 2008

Gaylords Gang from Chicago

A short documentary on the inception of the gang in the 1950's until the Present Day.

Watch the rest of the documentary here: youtube.com/user/DanielWojack

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14 September 2008

It's Like That!

Run DMC-1984 local TV

08 September 2008


@ Deitch Studios on the East River

Deitch Studios is pleased to announce the first New York exhibition of the work of Dzine. The Beautiful Struggle will feature four new paintings, which combine the mandalic and psychedelic imagery that emerge from his meditative painting process as well as new sculptures exploring the middle ground between Chicano lowrider street culture and contemporary art.

Date: Sep 7th - Oct 18th
Address: 4-40 44th Drive, Long Island City, NY

05 September 2008

GoodBye Astroland

Hello shopping mall .

For nearly 50 years, it's been the main attraction along Coney Island's famed boardwalk, but on Sunday the famed amusement park is closing down.

Fortunately the land marked Cyclone rollercoaster at Astroland is not affected and will remain where it is.

Read more about it here: New York Post ASTROLAND CLOSING FOR GOOD.


Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes today announced a life sentence for Bernard Small, convicted of murdering a young man for making graffiti in territory claimed by the Bloods, a street gang.

Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Sheryl Parker today sentenced Small, 26, to the maximum penalty, 25 years to life in prison. A jury found him guilty of Murder in the Second Degree, on July 23.

On March 24, 2007, Small and three others, all members of the Bloods street gang, beat Humberto Carol, 18, after they found Carol making graffiti in an area of Brownsville they considered to be part of the Bloods’ territory. Carol was not a gang member. Following the beating, while Carol lay in the sidewalk, Small shot him two times, killing him.

One of Small’s codefendants was a juvenile at the time of the incident. His case was handled by the New York City Office of Corporation Counsel. The cases against the other two defendants are still pending.

Huge Indy Internet Radio Jam

This Saturday!

Sponserd by Turntable Lab and East Village Radio.
Can't make it to the seaport on September 6th LISTEN LIVE to the festival streamed all day at eastvillageradio.com.

Hand Over Fist

Check out TRS-80's video directed by Eric Fensler
Showcasing classic scenes of Chicagos Lower Wacker Drive
Thanks FotoFlow!

03 September 2008

01 September 2008

Nov York City

The World Screaming NOV

maxwell street chicago - cta bus 1979

If you should meet the devil along the way resist him! Amen!