30 May 2009

Thank You & Check Our Tribune Article!

Thank you to everyone who came out last night for our show, Going Postal's Revenge! So many people showed up and we're glad we were able to do the sticker show again and give it the proper attention that it deserved.

Check out this great article in the Chicago Tribune about the growing sticker art scene in the Windy City that mentions our Going Postal's Revenge Show and has a short interview with our very own Frank Serpico and Ghetto P. If you can, check out the print version of the article with great pictures of sticker artist Viking!

Chicago Tribune: Chicago Sticker Graffiti

29 May 2009

Going Postal's Revenge Sticker Art Show TONITE in Chicago!

Artwork from Chicago: Rejoice, Fact, Melon, Ship, Rome, Joey Potts, Bonus, Pooper, Zeb, T-Rex, Mental, Kinex, Nice-one, Real Abstract, Rebel, Dawud Rasool, Marz + Dez One, Tewz, This Is Awkward, Green Pen.

Artwork sale from NYC: Skewville, Overconsume, NohJColey, Drexel, and Cosbe, and Cahbasm, Royce Bannon, Wrona.

Stickers for sale for only $5 from over 70 sticker artists from Chicago, NYC, and the UK.

The Upset Presents:
@ Maya Essence
4357 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago

27 May 2009

Live Performance By Keoki Ortiz at Going Postal's Revenge This Friday!

Our long-time friend, Keoki, just came back from a long visit to the West Coast (too long!). He's back in Chicago and is going to do a live performance during our Going Postal's Revenge show in Chi this Friday.

Like a young Sinatra!


26 May 2009

Un-Broke: The Seth Green Cribs Edition

Your car gets 20 reggaeton stations? Damn!

25 May 2009

Going Postal's Revenge This Week!

From Nicky D.

Oh shit, the buzz surrounding this show is going nuts! Easily the world's largest sticker-art event.

Buy, sell, and trade labels.
All stickers sell for $5! All money goes straight to the artist.

Signed copies of Martha Cooper's Going Postal, which documents the lively sticker art scene in New York, will now be available for sale at our show! The book is hard to find and has already sold out at Quimby's, The Novem Store, and the MCA Store. Get Some!

Upset Presents:
GOING POSTAL'S REVENGE Sticker Sale + Art Show
All Stickers Sell for Only $5
Friday, May 29th 6-11 PM
@ Maya Essence

4357 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago

23 May 2009

You Got Served...By Nosferatu?

Check the skills, thanks Cabbage.


Zephyr interview from "Dithers" video.

Via: donutchocula

Thor Installation Video

Check out a topless Thor in this video that Novem made documenting Thor's incredible installation for the Upset/Novem Subway Art Book Signing we threw in Chicago a few weeks ago.


Studio Visit With Gaia

We're sitting in Gaia's Studio with NohJColey and Cahbeezy spilling ink all over the place as Cahbeez hypes me to everything under the sun, ever. Gaia swears that the post below on Streetartblows.com is soooo old, and Cabeezy says, "Hey, I don't search Street Art all the time." 

Of course my camera dies, so I'm stuck using my camera phone as I try to document Gaia's work process as he utilizes all the extra hands in the space to help with making work for an upcoming show. The camera phone doesn't do his work the justice.
The summer air is nice as it comes in through the windows of his Brooklyn-based studio.
  Every now and again the trio steps into the next room and jokes and laughs as they hand screenprint Gaia's work. Huge discarded detailed rabbits lay strewn through out the studio. Then they come back with the finished product:  a shocked feral-looking but somewhat docile-like bear head on a huge canvas that takes up over half the studio.  Gaia is excited with the end result and they all step back to observe the finished work.  But it's only minutes before they start to talk about the next project--rooftops off the J line. Good Times. Interview coming soon.

22 May 2009

Signed Copies of Going Postal Book Available for Sale @ Going Postal's Revenge Show in Chicago, May 29th

Signed copies of Martha Cooper's Going Postal, which documents the lively sticker art scene in New York, will now be available for sale at our show!

The book retails for only $10 and features Overconsume, Aiko, C-Damage (formerly from Chicago), Kosbe, Goons, and many more. The book is hard to find and has already sold out at Quimby's, The Novem Store, and the MCA Store and we have it...signed by Martha! Quantities are limited, get yours at the show!

Upset Presents:
GOING POSTAL'S REVENGE Sticker Sale + Art Show
All Stickers Sell for Only $5
Friday, May 29th 6-11 PM

@ Maya Essence
4357 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago

More info about the book @ Mark Batty Publishers

Dippin' Into The Pool

Here's some random photos taken this week from our FLICKR pool.
Photo by Brian Hagy
Photo by
Photo by Fotoflow
Photo by
Thanks to everyone who's been contributing!
Be sure to check out our Upset Magazine Group for more flicks!


21 May 2009

Street Art Blows


TWIST Mag Covers: a retrospect with FotoFlow

San Francisco's Barry McGee, aka TWIST, adds the latest issue of French magazine Clark to his long list of cover art credits.

Other covers by him that I've enjoyed include ones he's done for Swindle, Juxtapoz, Giant Robot, Beautiful Decay, Arrow, 12oz Prophet, and Japanese magazine Relax. Collect them all!

If anyone can get a copy of The New Issue of Clark please feel free to send a copy to our die hard Twist fan and Photo Editor FotoFlow!


Groteskito snapped on the cover for the new issue of Juxtapoz.

The subscription issue cover is nicely decked out as well.

Originally uploaded by groteskito

18 May 2009

Take Care Of Those Teeth!!

R.I.P. Pollock


Trigz MSK, ICR currently serving time in Ironwood State Prison in Blythe California. A sentence of 6 years in prison for graffiti.
Read the Full Interview Here:

16 May 2009

Going Postal Come Up

Sticker by Mario Zoots
We recently hosted a sticker art sale in Chicago and have some great stickers left from artists like Risk, Overconsume, Gorey, Blanco, Zato, Aiko, and many more. The stickers are available for purchase (all stickers are $5 each).

Quantities are limited. If interested, feel free to contact us at upsetmagazine@gmail.com. Follow this link to view some of the stickers still available for sale, we'll be updating the stock continually so be sure to check back to see what's new!
The Come Up

Also, stop by the Going Postal's Revenge Show we're hosting in Chicago on Friday, May 29 where the full sticker collection will be for sale as well as some great artwork.

Going Postal's Revenge
Art Show + Sticker Sale
@ 4357 N Lincoln Ave
Friday, May 29th 6-11 PM



The Photography of Mike Schreiber has been relocated to an amazing venue called Dapper Dan Imperial Gallery, 139 West 14th St. between 6th and 7th Ave, Manhattan. Please join us this Saturday, May 16th, 6-10pm

14 May 2009

Time Flies By The RFW

Writing and Photography by Peter Puleo

Chances are that if you grew up in New York City or Chicago, rapid transit was a major part of your life. Trains are also known as 'Subways’ in New York and 'Els' in Chicago. The names that all these train routes carried were essentially calling cards of where we came from and usually took us to where we hoped to be. For some they were only used for their sole original purpose, to commute to and from ones destination, but for others they were, and to a certain degree continue to be, an art space and canvas.

And for others they are the sanctuary of the public domain--where all is equal and no one is more the better or lesser.
Growing up straight out of Brooklyn the subways were everything and more to a scrawny white kid in 1980s New York. My “home line” was the Canarsie (L) but in fact rode them all, especially with my dad. Once a week he had a day off and after school would map a new ride and go. One of the timeless thrills of riding the New York cars was that at the ends of each car was a storm door with a window in the first and last cars of each set that would overlook the tracks.

From the beginning of the system in 1904 until 1955 all trains had windows over the door that would open! For generations of New Yorkers, especially kids and the many kids at heart, would covet this prized spot especially the window at the head of the train, not only for cooling off during the summer, but for the show that unfolded before you from the tunnels to the Els. Under the East Side and out to Brooklyn, local and express.

To the rail fan, prime real estate is that 60ft or 75ft long subway car and the most coveted spot in the car is the lead car hooked up on a 8 or 10 car train to the penthouse view aka The RFW (Rail Fan Window).

Even after 1955 although subway cars no longer were built with door windows that opened, you could still feel the gust of the tunnel winds come through the window pane with the scent of electricity from the third rail and usually mixing with the ethnic odors of the neighborhood you are cruising through. (New York is a city of odors both delicious and nauseating). Subway rail fan veteran and Brooklynite Stan Fischler has written numerous books and aired documentaries on the thrills of riding from the aforementioned to the unique sounds and jerky movements of trains.

Although modernized over time, New York’s trains maintained a general status-quo until recently. Trains that had full width cabs for the operator and conductor were introduced in the 1970s, but have not become dominant until recently. The underlying purpose of this is to essentially eliminate the conductor and have the operator control all aspects of the ride.

With less then 600 cars in service now from the older fleets their days are numbered. However even with the impending $2.25 fare and shoddy service it is still very much possible, at least now, to beckon back to New York’s golden age riding the rails from the RFW as the city's underworld unfolds in front of you passing blurred stations and colorful lights with twists and curves or from an elevated car rambling above a storied New York neighborhood as the sun sets behind rooftops, trees and water towers. No matter where you ride history is unfolding before your eyes, and even though times may change the spirit of simple things (even in a major and sometimes overwhelming city) the history should be cherished.

Something to ponder next time you watch the city unfold before your eyes and fade behind as you pass by.

Till next time,
Peter Puleo

13 May 2009

Going Postal's Revenge Show in Chicago, Friday, May 29th!

Flyer by Theory Propaganda!

Chicago, we're going to be putting together another art show in another couple of weeks, so roll through!

Going Postal’s Revenge: Art Show + Sticker Sale
All Stickers Sell for Only $5
Friday, May 29th 6-11 PM
4357 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago

Upset is pleased to present GOING POSTAL’S REVENGE, a street art show and handmade sticker exchange featuring undergound and emerging artists in graffiti and street art from New York, Chicago, and Paris.

The huge handmade sticker sale will feature work from over 70 artists whose work includes intricate graffiti tags on U.S. Postal stickers to more street art-orientated labels featuring stencils, screenprinting, and mixed media. There’s something for everyone and all stickers sell for only $5. Larger artworks will also be for sale. The event takes place on Friday, May 29th from 6-11 PM at 4357 N. Lincoln Avenue.

Featured artists in the show include Aiko, Blanco, C-Damage, Cahbasm, Cosbe, Drexel, Goya, Johnny Tran, Mario Zoots, Melt, Morgan, NohJColey, Overconsume, R. Kelly, Saro, Weedwolf, Zato, 5003, and many more. Artists are encouraged to come and exchange stickers with other artists.

SIGNED Copies of Martha Cooper's Going Postal, which documents the lively sticker art scene in New York, will now be available for sale at our show! The book retails for only $10 and features Overconsume, Aiko, C-Damage (formerly from Chicago), Kosbe, Goons, and many more. The book is hard to find and has already sold out at Quimby's, The Novem Store, and the MCA Store. Get Yours!

Flyer design by Emenfuckos

Going Postal's Revenge! In two weeks we are going to have another postal sticker show in Chicago to make up for the one that got swallowed up by all the Martha Cooper Subway art craziness. Bring or send your labels to buy, sell and trade. We also now helping to collect labels for The World Record Postal Sticker Combo.

Flyer design by Frank S.

If you would like to participate or possibly show some work email us @ upsetmagazine@gmail.com.

Also, as you can see, we've been having some fun with the designs for the flyer. If you want to mess around we're getting people to design funny flyers for the GOING POSTAL'S REVENGE show on May 29th in Chicago. Just use this info for the basic design of the flyer:

Upset Magazine and Making Deals Present:

GOING POSTAL'S REVENGE: Sticker Sale and Art Show

Friday, May 29th 6-11 PM Chicago

Participate in the world's largest postal sticker combo. Buy, sell, and trade labels.

@ Maya Essence

4357 N. Lincoln

Chicago, IL

Then send it to us and we'll be posting them as they come on our Flickr! Yeah!

Talk Like a Chicagoian with Nicky Deter

Nicky Deter breaks it down for you how to talk like a true Chicagoian.

Da Chicago inflection is often imitated but just about never properly annunciated. Here is my small breakdown of how to talk like dem guys in Chicago, ovah by dere.

"S"s are generally hissed or prolonged, especially at the end of words.
"Gesssssh, dissss knucklehead again." or even "Da busssdrivah taken dat asssss to ssschoo."

Over emphasize all "D"s at the start of words, and while you are at it take every "TH" and switch it to a "D". Like, " Oh ya, u'se talkin about d'ose ddudesss ovah by d'ere.
There: D'ere
Those: D'ose
and so on...

The true key to talking like a Chicagoian is knowing how vowels are pronounced.
Basically every vowel turns into an "A" however there are three "A" sounds in the Chicago vernacular Think of the words Cot, Cat, and Caught; they all sound the same but are pronounced differently "Cahht" "Caaaat" & "Cawt".

If you ever find yourself stalling and confused on how to say something just turn all the vowels in the word to flat "a"s. This isn't proper Chicagoese but it's close.

To read more COMMON TERMS and way's to talk like your from The Windy Citay hit up Get Vibed!

Who's Up In The Streets Right Now by Emen Fuckos

New update from one of our eyes on the street guys Emenfuckos!

Today in chicago graffiti
caught a few fills, i love it when it gets warmers that way im able to walk down the street without slippin on the fuckin ice and im able to catch more street spots.Well here is today's update. Enjoy

Thanks Emen!

12 May 2009

Fashion In The Age Of Swine

Whats more fun than a bit of mass panic? With the press feverishly fanning the flames of the swine flu "epidemic" I thought I'd jump on board the fear train. Sadly, my biggest fear is color coordinating my swine flu masks with my bike.
I found some masks at the animal holding facility nearby and was overjoyed to find they come in celeste green, just like my sexy rims.

Keep an eye on your friends and neighbors for signs of swine flu (squealing,curly tails or rooting for truffles) and make sure you've got a mask for every outfit and occasion (I need a black one for my tuxedo!).
Ride fast and breath shallow-

11 May 2009

The Game Done Changed

For All You Who Forgot Your Mom on Mothers Day.

C.H.U.D.Z. Currently at Cinders Gallery

Cinders Gallery Presents:
C.H.U.D.Z. with Alex Barry, Richard Colman, Josh Slater

All three artists create whole worlds of their own iconography amidst a mysterious, playful and at times dystopic backdrop of a fantastical future. Pyramids, outer-space, 2-headed creatures, seemingly functional mechanisms, and nonsensical architecture are all prevalent in each of these artists' worlds. Alex Barry marries a biting sense of self-deprecating humor with the truly bizarre and surreal in his darker drawings and watercolors on paper. Richard Colman creates hyper-busy cyber punked landscapes where fleshy organs, melting colors, bursting rainbows, and people in their underwear hang out in a suspension of time and reality. Josh Slater's drawings and collages feature calmer, more muted tones in his desolate landscapes of pyramids and buildings. We find explosions of stars, shrines perhaps awaiting alien visitation, stairs that lead to nowhere and architecture that eschews realism for new ideas of space.

Up now through May 24th 2009
103 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn NY

For more info visit:

Latest Pictures from Jor's San Fran Trip