01 November 2008

Dreams Don't Die

Dreams Dont Die 1982
filmed on location in New York Dreams Don’t Die first premiered on ABC television in 1982.
The late Dondi CIA was hired to do all the (King 65) graffiti for the film

Two young kids in love, one young graffiti artist and the other a foster-child, find trouble on the mean streets on the other side of the river in New York City. Officer Charles Banks finds young Danny bombing subway cars and later catches Teresa selling drugs for another mislead teen,Captain Kirk.

The officer, instead of turning both of them in, gives both teens a chance to make more of their lives together. Changing their ways turns out to be more challenging than first thought.

You can watch the rest of the film here: Dreams Don't Die 1982

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Anonymous said...

That is Fresh Pond Yard on what is now the (M) line in the Ridgewood section of Queens. Most of the film was on location in Ridgewood and Bushwick/East New York Brooklyn.