28 November 2008

Worker Dies at Walmart After Being Trampled

A surging crowd of bargain hunters at a Wal-Mart in Long Island, NY trampled to death one store worker.

The 34 year-old worker, employed as an overnight stock clerk, tried to hold back the unruly crowds just after the Valley Stream store opened at 5 a.m.

Witnesses said the surging throngs of shoppers, who would obviously stop at nothing to save $50 on a flat screen TV, knocked the man down. He fell and was stepped on. As he gasped for air, shoppers ran over and around him.

"He was bum-rushed by 200 people," said Jimmy Overby, 43, a co-worker. "They took the doors off the hinges. He was trampled and killed in front of me. They took me down too...I literally had to fight people off my back."

Source: nydailynews

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