09 May 2008

Chicago enforcing new “promoters’ ordinance”

Apparently the City Council Committee on License and Consumer Protection passed a new ordinance further restricting the party/music scene in Chicago . If approved by the full City Council the new law focused mainly towards “underground” promoters would require anyone promoting any event drawing more than 100 people to obtain a license even if they are working with a well-established and already licensed promoter or venue.

Licensees would have to carry at least $300,000 in commercial liability insurance (even if the venue is insured), and they would have to be at least 21 years old . The law would also only allow venues with “fixed seating” to host one-time events by unlicensed promoters

Chicago already has a well established “anti-rave ordinance” passed in the ’90s threatening “rave” promoters and those who allow their buildings to be used for a “rave" with criminal prosecution.

The ordinance goes to the full City Council on May 14.

If Ald. Eugene Schulter get's his way you'll also be required to take your shoes off and sit down quietly and listen to your elders as they tell you about the good old days when candy was a nickel, shhh!

"We aren't looking to stop dancing or keep people from having a good time or going to parties," John Roe, Chicago lobbyist.

Where's Kevin Bacon when you need him?!

Read more about the new law and it's impact on the Chicago music scene here


Nicky Dieter said...

Funny thing is this all started 10 years ago and I saw it all go down. It was one of the causes of me never using drugs again.

UPSET MAG said...

One of the reasons our art show only went to 10:30 before the cops came and shut it down.