13 October 2008

One in Four Mammals Going Extinct

This year an extinction crisis has been confirmed, after the most comprehensive assessment of the world’s mammals has revealed that almost one in four species are at risk of disappearing forever.  The findings show that 1,141 of the 5,487 mammals known on Earth are threatened with extinction, with at least 76 mammals having become extinct since 1500.  However, the situation could be even worse, as 836 mammals are listed as Data Deficient.  As information improves, more species may well prove to be in danger of extinction.
Hopefully if this issue is taken seriously world wide we can help put a stop to this situation and save crazy wacky creatures like this Aye Aye!

Read more about it here: news.bbc.co.uk/World 'to fail' on nature target

Posted by Frank Serpico

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