16 October 2008

The Novem Store's Art Show

Our friends over at Novem Studios have been busy. The Chicago-based graphic design company just debuted their new t-shirt line for fall AND opened a storefront in the Windy City two weeks ago. The Upset’s Frank Serpico phoned up ELOTES, co-founder of Novem, to catch up on the happenings as he was prepping for an art show being held at the shiny new Novem store.

Elotes: Yo!

Frank Serpico: What going on? What are you doing?

E: Working on the store.

FS: Oh yeah, that’s why I’m calling. I want to do a quick Q & A with you about what the deal is with your space and what’s going on with Novem.

E:  Well uh, it’s crazy. Haha!

FS:  Ha! So What’s the basis behind what you’re doing with your new space?

E:  Well, it’s a store, but we are going to have one wall open to a feature artist once a month--traditional, gallery-style.  But basically we were over at my loft for the last year and half and we kind of fell into this craze. A friend of a friend was like, “Yo, I’ve got this space, come fill it, come start a store.”  And we were like, “okay, fuck it.”  We got it open two weeks ago and this weekend is the first showing of a feature artist.  He writes MORF, he does some crazy shit. We’re putting stuff up on the wall now, getting things tidied up.

FS:  That’s awesome! So your selling Novem gear in the store?

E:  Yeah, it’s been open two weeks now, we didn’t even really announce it and we’ve been doing good.

FS: I’m really glad for you guys. You’re having the opening tomorrow?

E:  It’s not a grand opening for the store, it’s just an opening for Morf’s artwork. We’re doing a little gallery-type showing.  The grand opening for the store will probably be next month. November, Novem, you know. Hehe.

FS:  It’s so great to hear that things are going good. I wish you the best of luck and wish I could be there.

E: I’m sure we’ll still be here next time you're in the Chi.

FS: Word, take care.


"Ya Rat Bastard" Art Show @ The Novem Store
Opening:  October 17th 6-10 PM
1104 N. Ashland, Chicago

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