13 October 2008

New Works By Mike Giant

White Walls Gallery presents all new works by Mike Giant.  Opening reception is October 11th, 2008 from 7-11 pm.  The show runs through November 1st premiering a solo exhibition of 60 plus works.

Recently retired from tattooing to focus on his fine art career, Giant also promotes his clothing line REBEL8, which he began here in San Francisco with partner Joshy D. in 2003. Giant claims that although “it’s been great to focus on drawings more than tattoos, admittedly [he] still enjoys working in skin on occasion”. Like his art, the line highlights his trademark skulls, icons, and tattooed girls.

There is no denying Giant’s high skill level in creating the seamless images crafted by his Sharpie. Focusing now on his drawings, Giant has been able to add written comments and anecdotes to his illustrations welcoming viewers into his mind. His signature style harks back to old school print techniques that required defined line work and a steady hand, which Giant perfected through his studies of Architecture and Graphic Design. A stint in Amsterdam also influenced and added to Giant’s collection of works where he kicked back on his rented houseboat. Ultimately, it is Giant’s respect for a traditional technique; versus creating computer-generated images, and his attention to detail that warrant him a master at his craft.

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