23 October 2008

Under the Influence

I got an advanced copy of the Olsens new book called er..."Influence," (like under the influence of drugs?) and I want to hate it. But turns out, it's pretty good. A coffee table book mixed with light reading, there are tons of great pictures of of-the-moment artists, photographers, and other various creative-types and pretty people.

The interviews prove interesting because there is a homliness to them, Mary-Kate and Ashley are simply talking to their good friends and recording it (genius!). Luckily, they keep good company: from Vice photog Terry Richardson, to couture king John Galliano, to Chanel mastermind Karl Lagerfeld. They even have a detailed list of charities they prefer to donate to with an explanation why for each one. They promoted this book on Oprah and you know Oprah, anything she touches turns golden.

Love it or hate it, they do have influence. Take a walk down 2nd Avenue and you'll see many a girl dressed like the stylish pair with over-sized layers, bed head, and giant sunglasses. And you know you tried to get into Beatrice once because you heard they hang out there (But now they hang out at Lit. Lit? Really?!) It's hard to deny that these little munchkins (I mean, women) are business savvy. They ain't dummies--didn't they go to NYU for, like, a semester?

Meet the twins in person at Barnes and Noble in Union Square on October 28th. It will be madness.

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