20 December 2008

All I Want For Christmas: Nicky Dieter's Wish List

It's almost Christmas and if you're out of gift ideas, the Upset's graphic designer Nicky D. gives some novel gift ideas--from font books to stunt driving lessons. Bad economy be damned!

Now before going into this, know that I'm broke. I have no intent in getting you a gift nor do I want you to get me one. However, if you are one of the privileged ripe with green pocketbooks and want to see me open gifts, my friend this list the for you.

The Gift of Knowledge: Franktur Mon Amour by Judith Schalansky

More than 640 pages devoted to black letter (Gothic font), showcasing 333 typefaces collected by Schalansky, accompanied by a CD of 150 usable fonts. Four of them created just for this book. At $75 this is not an easy purchase in times that call for frugality, but there is no denying me my bible.
Available at Quimby's

Something That Will Stand the Test of Time: A Custom Tattoo From Stickler's Odds 'N Ends Tattoo Studio

Andrew Stickler's custom flash style suits my needs. I'm thinking the term "CORN FEED" across my knuckles, twin roosters in rampant stance fighting each other with blood and sweat pouring out, or an ear of corn husk peeled back revealing radiant kernels.

For You Big Spenders: Stunt Driving Lessons

Drivers East High Performance Driving for Motion Pictures. This school was formed to train new stunt drivers who need not only to slide a car, but to be able to hit a mark consistently and safely. They do this on a closed circuit, I want to bring this to the street.

Day 1-
Forward slalom, Use of mirrors/reverse slalom with mirrors, braking, threshold braking, 4 wheel braking, braking to a mark, Forward 180º left, Forward 180º right, 90º right, 90º left
Day 2-
Reverse slalom and use of mirrors, lane change 90's, drift 90's, box 90º's right to a mark, Box 90º's left to a mark, 180ºs right to a mark, 180's left to a mark, Reverse 180º's, Skid Turns (Fish Tails)

Two-day course: $1775 plus I'll need to been flown to New Jersey.

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