22 December 2008

All I Want For Christmas: Heather's Wish List

Eye Candy: Books by Swiss independent publishing house Nieves. Ever since seeing their booth at the Printed Matter book fair in New York, I've been kind of stalking this small art book company. I particulaly like Wesley Willis's North Lake Shore Drive and Peaceable Kingdom by Chris Johanson and Jo Jackson. Both sell for $20. Printings are limited in number, which makes them even more special. Plus, Nieve's cute, hamburgler-esque logo is hard to resist.

The Gift of Bling: Me and Ro Tiny 10k Gold Skull Earrings
More classic, Day-of the-Dead inspired then your typical skull icon. Also available with diamond or ruby eyes. According to the Me&Ro website, "the skull is a reminder that all things will pass, there is wisdom in living in the face of such mortality." Available at Barneys for $260.

To Brighten My Workspace: Friends With You Doohickies. Who the hell knows what they are, but they're so freaking cute and cheerful that I need all six of them. Now. $8 each.

The Gift of Adventure: Around the World Airline Tickets. Create your own itinerary. West Coast, South America, Europe, SriLanka, India, Asia, and back to the West Coast for about $1499.00. Tickets are valid for 12 months. This doesn't includes a place to sleep...or Malaria vaccinations.

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