02 December 2008

Photos From Mumbai Attack.

India based freelance photographer Zackary Canepari took some intense photos of the situation in Mumbai along with a inside perspective from Canepari he has posted some background and photos of the three day standoff on his blog:

More photos from the attack can be seen here:

Gunmen terrorized Mumbai for more than two days, killing at least 180 people during attacks at a train station, a restaurant, two five-star hotels, a movie theater, a hospital, a police station, and a Jewish center.


Anonymous said...

hey mate, thanks for the post, but just to be clear, those aren't my photos at the boston.com link... those are from the wires. can you correct. don't want to give the wrong impression.... thanks. canepari

UPSET MAG said...

Sorry about the Mix Up, we are concerned about the welfare and well being for the people Of Mumbia and our deeply saddened by what has occurred there. All of us here at the mag are happy that you are ok as well. Thank you for what you do.