26 February 2009

Going Postal Book Release Party Pics

Martha Cooper's latest book release for Going Postal hosted by Ad Hoc Gallery was a huge success. Economy be damned, people were buying art and stickers, slanging, and exchanging all night long like it was some kind of Russian black market. A good time to be had by all. The cops camped outside wished they could come in!

Friends in front of artwork by Overconsume, Cosbe, Stain, and Faust--all artists featured in Going Postal.

Selling stickers.

Martha's book published by Mark Batty sold out.

Photo prints from the book by Martha.

Martha's vest was insane!

This little one's a go-getter.

Faust and Aiko

The stickered panels hung near the ceiling circa 1999 were donated for the show by Art Crimes in Philly.  Old school stickers of Twist, RIP Dondi, and more.

Aiko bunny sticker in edition of 30 sold out.

More stickers for sale.

C-Damage stickers

And pizza with egg to celebrate.

Martha now has a blog at 12 ounce's website. Peep more flicks from the set up of her show.

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