05 February 2009

What Smells?

Everyone knows NYC stinks: Hot garbage on the sidewalk in summer, the peculiar fishy smell of Chinatown, poop on the subway. But maple syrup?

Newsday reports: "A maple syrup smell that has mysteriously wafted through New York City numerous times over the years has been traced to a New Jersey facility that processes fenugreek seeds for flavorings. The sweet odor has drifted through swaths of the city off and on since 2005, perplexing New Yorkers and city officials."

Fenu-what? The mysterious scent has finally been linked to a NJ facility that produces the chemical which is used in caramel, maple, and vanilla flavoring. Most smell complaints have come from Manhattan's Upper West Side.

Writing this reminded of the NYC Subway Smell Map from Gawker a couple years ago.

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Anonymous said...

Haha...the smell even made it into an episode of 30 rock, nice.