22 August 2008

Chicago Artist “Framed”

Upset photographer and all around wax poetic of the Chicago art scene, Oscar Arriola got a nice write up in a recent issue of Time Out Chicago along with several other members of the Chicago art community for their recent art show at 32nd&urban Gallery.

According to the Time Out review, "Framed" also highlights other great Chicago artists: "Erik DeBat (“RISK”), Blutt, and Revise CMW contribute enigmatic works influenced by their street art. Elisa “Pooper” Harkins illustrates a girl’s transformation into a cat. Arielle Bielak puts masks on the subjects of her photographs, which enables her to depict God and the devil sharing a bowl of Lucky Charms. Oscar Arriola photographs a lost-cat flyer, which he strips of any poignancy by replacing the pet’s image with a cartoon of a grinning feline."

Read more of the Time Out review of the show "Framed" here.

image "Lost Cat"  by Oscar Arriola

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