21 August 2008

Member of GRL arrested and detained in China

James Powderly Co-Founder of the innovative Street art orginazation Graffiti Research Lab was arrested recently in China along with various other members of the NYC artist community.

James Powderly with the help of students for a free tibet had planned on projecting a laser-powered stencil that would temporarily illuminate the side of a building near Tiananmen Square with the words “Free Tibet.”

Brooklynites Samantha Corbin, Jacob Blumenfeld, and Lauren Valle — were arrested later that day after unfurling a light-up “Free Tibet” banner in front of the famed “Bird’s Nest” stadium

James Powderly has been in a Chinese jail since Aug. 19 — though the official charges are unknown.

Free Powderly campaign on flickr.com

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