13 August 2008

Drunk Product Review Part 1

Recently I've been noticing all these youtube and online reviews for graff products which are almost always markers. This Rasta Man at the Bomb Shelter (corny ass name for a graff shop) always does these youtube reviews of the new shit, BUT we all know that when it comes down to it and your ready to write on shit you've already smoked a juicy green apple blunt and drank your weight in Old English, Mickey's or Steel Reserve...

This is why after many nights of being drunk I came up with the idea of the drunk product review. This time its going to be homemade eye dropper vs. a new Krink Product...

Lets start out with the Krink K-66 Steel Ball Point Marker.

Cost: $11 from here ...takes paypal
Pros: Shiny Bright Silver ink, looks like ball will last, Streaming flow, Small
Cons: Messy, only for smooth surfaces (glass/metal), pricey

Level of Drunk: Good
Number of Drinks: 6?
Review: After drinking about 4 or so High Life tall boys and a few other beers I got on my bike and rode off. I wasnt too shitfaced but ready to get loose. I had a few of those new Sharpie Meanstreaks that night which didnt last too long. When I was sober enough to realize I had that new Krink jump off I pulled it out and started flowing. After a few tags I realized my hands and bike were covered in paint even though I threw that shit in a plastic bag... After a few more tags the thing kinda bit the dust and got clogged. For being moderately drunk I didnt think it was that great of a marker. The steel ball is a rip off of these which are similar in style, less messy and easily rackable from the right spot.

Now for the Homemade Eyedropper No Rub Plus
Cost: Free
Pros: Free, Easy to Make, Flows like Piss
Cons: Messy, Hard to control, Flows like Piss

Level of Drunk: Way Fucking Drunk, Borderline Blackout
Number of Drinks: 9+???
Review: Somehow I ended up on the roof of this gallery chillin with people and somehow I managed to snag some Carlo Rossi... After the Rossi all I remember is writing on my friends shoe, writing on a bike seat and bustin out the eye dropper. This shit flows like piss and when your piss drunk expect to get wet. The nib on this flowed so much better than that Krink shit, but it was much harder to control. The mix in the marker was a combo of Krink and Rustoleum silver which popped. That night I fell asleep with my pants on and only minimal silver on my shoes...

The winner is...Homemade Eyedropper Complete Moisture No Rub Plus!

This shit wins because its practically free, but highly dangerous for drunks. If I could rock this after this many drinks then it wins, no clogs, piss like flow and fun. Compare for yourself, The "Oh Yeah" at the top was the Krink Marker and the "T.Rex" below it is the eyedropper... Practically identical.

Making one involves getting an eyedropper bottle, pulling the top squirter part off, funneling in whatever ink/paint you want, then putting top back on. EZ. Save your money for beer kids and stay away from Carlo Rossi, he's a mean guy...

review written by THE VIKING

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