24 January 2009

Coffee with Martha Cooper

We stopped by Martha Cooper's place for coffee (really good coffee) and talked stickers. Her flat's view of the Hudson River was amazing. Oscar was super excited because he's a huge fan. I fell in love with Martha's elder cat Pancho who curled up nearby. I'm a sucker for orange felines. Frank took the pics.

Martha, who co-authored the seminal graffiti book Subway Art, has been documenting urban life and graf for decades. And she has been very busy lately. She released Tag Town last year and was organizing photos for her show Street Shots in L.A. Her new sticker art book, Going Postal, was just released this month.
Stickers for everyone!

From Martha's personal sticker collection: Faust

From Martha's personal sticker collection: Overconsume

Portrait of Martha and her camera by Os Gemeos

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