15 January 2009

Devin Flynn's Y'all So Stupid

Equal parts fever dream, hallucination, and attention-deficit disorder, Devin Flynn’s flood of consciousness cartoon buffoonery is seizure-inducing in the best possible way.
Y'all So Stupid


Blog Deleted said...

It's a shame you can't really find them in their uncut form. I miss superdeluxe.com


Marco Nadal said...

To dumtoonz:

I downloaded them from superdeluxe.com in case of just such an eventuality.

However, what I would really like to see is full-quality versions of Devin Flynn's stuff displayed in an art gallery. Projected against a wall in a white cube art gallery would be the right environment for his sick creations.

I wonder what format his animations were created in, before they were compressed to postage stamp size for online publication.