25 February 2008

About us

Okay, so some background. I'd like to say how I called Tony a few months ago and told him how we need to do something for ourselves. We need to do something that is ours, and in a sense, that is what UPSET magazine is. We're all about taking and not pussyfooting around. It's a fuck you attitude. It's not nice about things at all. It's out there: forward and direct. It's the goddamn Rambo of magazines, but less fat.

We believe you can do whatever you want because we do whatever we want. So lets go out there and lets show these other magazines who's boss and lets take this state championship back to mom! YEA! Seriously though, I feel like this is the difference between us and other mags. We are go getters, and fuck the rest with their PR bullshit. We only work with people we like (or can tolerate) and we're about the come up.

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