28 February 2008

Pelican Tonight!

Empty Bottle
THU . 2/28/08 (9:00pm , $12)
PELICAN, Black Cobra label: At A Loss,Blackflash,Delboy,Diwphalanx

Oh man... I've been 30-40 min. late to work everyday this week. Tonight I have a freelance meeting, they are going say scratch the last 2 months of work and provide new versions by next Friday. After the meeting it's the Off-Register preshow, and then my boys Pelican are doing it at the Bottle. On tour in support of their latest instrumental behemoth City of Echoes, joining them will be west coast heavies Black Cobra. Supporting their latest At A Loss release, the group plays sludgy and thick fuzzy riffs that will stick to the soles of your shoes and break your legs. New York natives Unearthly Trance open with their brand of "grim hypnotic doom featuring blackened sound waves and lethargic riffs."

Won't you join me in classic metal douchbaggery while I yell out SLAYER?

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Oscar Arriola said...

That album cover is beautiful.