27 February 2008

Dustward at Wreck Center Today

A-Ron's Wreck Center in New York will play host to a new exhibit by the artist collective Dustward. There will also be a special Dustward one-day-only store with an assortment of paraphernalia for sale, from phone batteries (?) to t-shirts.

Dustward celebrates a variety of disciplines including publishing, graffiti, photography, bike messenger culture, skateboarding, design, and music. Since the early 90’s individual Dustward members have interacted with each other on a variety of levels. In 2007 the artists solidified their social and artistic network forming The Dustward uniting artists from Philadelphia, NYC, L.A. and San Fran. As a collective unit, the artists work to display their unified vision; a bleak, outside look at the last outposts of a crumbling society refracted and rebuilt into an overwhelming, multi-layered, visual, audio, and lifestyle collage. Should be a great show.

The Wreck Center
75 Sullivan Street, NYC
Wed., February 27, 2008

From Slam X Hype