29 February 2008

Arrest-Proof Yourself

An Ex-Cop Reveals How Easy It Is for Anyone to Get Arrested.
Written by Dale C Carson - 2007
"Painters paint, firemen put out fires, and cops put people in jail. Every month you and your employer tally up the number of arrests you made. That's how you get rated. If you make seven arrests and someone else makes five, who's the better cop? That gives a police officer an incentive to arrest as many people as possible. There were 70,000 arrests in Duval County, Florida, between 2003 and 2004—that's about 7 percent of the population. About 10 percent of the people arrested were released within 21 days. That means that you have about 7,000 people who were never prosecuted and should never have seen the inside of a squad car, but now they have an arrest record."
Excerpt from interview with Dale C Carson in Harpers Magazine.

I already got my copy.


Nicky Dieter said...
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Nicky Dieter said...

Given the theory of ignoring this advise your chances of getting arrested increase. Would that mean if you ignore certain advise a person could be more prone to… well let us say… for instance… a cavity search?