29 May 2009

Going Postal's Revenge Sticker Art Show TONITE in Chicago!

Artwork from Chicago: Rejoice, Fact, Melon, Ship, Rome, Joey Potts, Bonus, Pooper, Zeb, T-Rex, Mental, Kinex, Nice-one, Real Abstract, Rebel, Dawud Rasool, Marz + Dez One, Tewz, This Is Awkward, Green Pen.

Artwork sale from NYC: Skewville, Overconsume, NohJColey, Drexel, and Cosbe, and Cahbasm, Royce Bannon, Wrona.

Stickers for sale for only $5 from over 70 sticker artists from Chicago, NYC, and the UK.

The Upset Presents:
@ Maya Essence
4357 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago

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