23 May 2009

Studio Visit With Gaia

We're sitting in Gaia's Studio with NohJColey and Cahbeezy spilling ink all over the place as Cahbeez hypes me to everything under the sun, ever. Gaia swears that the post below on Streetartblows.com is soooo old, and Cabeezy says, "Hey, I don't search Street Art all the time." 

Of course my camera dies, so I'm stuck using my camera phone as I try to document Gaia's work process as he utilizes all the extra hands in the space to help with making work for an upcoming show. The camera phone doesn't do his work the justice.
The summer air is nice as it comes in through the windows of his Brooklyn-based studio.
  Every now and again the trio steps into the next room and jokes and laughs as they hand screenprint Gaia's work. Huge discarded detailed rabbits lay strewn through out the studio. Then they come back with the finished product:  a shocked feral-looking but somewhat docile-like bear head on a huge canvas that takes up over half the studio.  Gaia is excited with the end result and they all step back to observe the finished work.  But it's only minutes before they start to talk about the next project--rooftops off the J line. Good Times. Interview coming soon.

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