08 May 2009

Photos From Martha Cooper Event In Chicago

Here's some photos from The Novemlife Website of the Martha Cooper Event we put together in Chicago, thank you Novem and all the people of Chicago who came out to show support. Also A VERY BIG thank you to Martha Cooper for coming out and being so chill with the huge turnout that was made for her!
Chicago showed up in full force to meet Marty!

A big thank you to everyone who helped out with the event, thank you to Heather, Nicky Deter, Oscar Arriola, Chile, Sure, FONZO, MELON, Marlo, and all the rest of da Upset fam, thank you to Rafe, Adrian, Oaf, Dave, ELOTERS, Josh and all the rest of the Novem crew for hooking it up, thank you to GEE, T-Rex (congrats on the new shorty), SUER, and all of KYM (our thoughts are with you guys), ZEB, POLACK, JARE & JACK for all your help with Thors installation.
Can we mention how awesome Thor's little city installation he built for the event was again? Complete with rocked subway cars! Good Stuff Chicago. See more of Thor's work here: thundercircus.com

Also if you are in NYC this upcoming week both Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant will be at Revolution Books in NYC for a SUBWAY ART SIGNING

Check out Marty's review of the show & more pics of the event here:

Martha Cooper's Blog on 12oz.
Upset Flickr

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