13 May 2009

Talk Like a Chicagoian with Nicky Deter

Nicky Deter breaks it down for you how to talk like a true Chicagoian.

Da Chicago inflection is often imitated but just about never properly annunciated. Here is my small breakdown of how to talk like dem guys in Chicago, ovah by dere.

"S"s are generally hissed or prolonged, especially at the end of words.
"Gesssssh, dissss knucklehead again." or even "Da busssdrivah taken dat asssss to ssschoo."

Over emphasize all "D"s at the start of words, and while you are at it take every "TH" and switch it to a "D". Like, " Oh ya, u'se talkin about d'ose ddudesss ovah by d'ere.
There: D'ere
Those: D'ose
and so on...

The true key to talking like a Chicagoian is knowing how vowels are pronounced.
Basically every vowel turns into an "A" however there are three "A" sounds in the Chicago vernacular Think of the words Cot, Cat, and Caught; they all sound the same but are pronounced differently "Cahht" "Caaaat" & "Cawt".

If you ever find yourself stalling and confused on how to say something just turn all the vowels in the word to flat "a"s. This isn't proper Chicagoese but it's close.

To read more COMMON TERMS and way's to talk like your from The Windy Citay hit up Get Vibed!

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