01 May 2009

Martha Cooper Book Signing + Thor Tonite in Chicago!

It's here! Upset and Novem presents the Martha Cooper Book Signing for Subway Art and Going Postal and Sticker Sale. We've been working all night, sleeping on the gallery floor!

The 25th Anniversary Edition of Subway Art featuring new photos and text in a deluxe format retails for $40, and Going Postal, Martha's new book that documents the burgeoning sticker art scene in New York sells for only $10. An amazing installation by THOR, prints from Martha Cooper, artwork by Eric De Bat aka RISK, Goons, Dave Watkins aka Real Abstract, Dasee, Fototflow, Nick Dieter, and a SOLVE memorial.

Sticker sale included Aiko, Overconsume, Cosbe, Rejoice, C-Damage, Faust and so many more, we can't list them all! Over 60 stickers artists will be selling stickers for only $5.

Friday, May 1st, 5-10 PM

Novem Life
1114 N. Ashland
Chicago, IL

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