23 April 2009

Andrew Talks Bikes: Ahoy There!

Coming to you live from the cultural hub of the United States of America, Tempe, Arizona! This is Andrew Combe with a brief introduction.

I'm an Australian, married to a beautiful scientist (just like in a movie), and I'm living the dream in a part of the country meteorologists refer to as "stupid hot." As Upset mentioned, I'm about all things bike-related, especially the cultural phenomenon known as "fixed gear bicycles."

I was lucky enough to meet Frank on a tour of duty in the ninth circle of hell (Urban Outfitters). We bonded whilst sharing cigarette breaks, ball busting, shoplifters, and folding t-shirts again and again and again...

Here are some images of my bikes that I've designed:

I've got to keep it short and sweet at the moment due to the imminent arrival of my first child, but I'll be posting sporadically as time permits to keep you all abreast of all things happening on two wheels.

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