14 April 2009

Silent Art Auction for the Families of Fausto Manzera, Andrew Cazares and Kool Kep, Rest In Peace


We are looking for contributions of small artwork, no bigger than 8x10, for a silent auction that will take place in Chicago on Saturday, May 2nd. If you are interested in contributing, please respond to this or email upsetmagazine@gmail.com.
All proceeds will go to the families of Fausto Manzera, Andrew Cazares and Kool Kep.

R.I.P. to all the fallen writers who've passed in Chicago. My man KEDS REST IN PEACE, you showed me what's up. R.I.P. to Kiser, Dept, Lego, SOLVE, Hate, Pen, Disk, Triple, and AERO ONE TCK SOLDIER Keep Your Head Up Chicago. -Frank

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