29 April 2009

Stickers Available for Sale This Friday: Aiko, Faust, Overconsume, Kosbe, Stomach, and more!

Just found out Aiko (formerly of Faile) will have some stickers up at the Sticker Sale we're curating this Friday. I'm planning to buy one of those straight out the package! All stickers sell for $5.

Artists whose stickers will be availabe at the sale include: Aiko, Edek, Faust, Kosbe, Get 2, Falcon, 5003, Overconsume, Blanco, Celso, Royce, Theory, C-Damage, Cahbasm, NohJColey, Drexel, Chris from Robots Will Kill, Tazz, Zeight, Zato, Sure, Plasma Slugs, DDock, Eggyolk, Ader, Gorey, Goya, Real Abstract, Risk, R. Kelly, Fonzo, Weed Wolf, Viking and many more.

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