03 April 2009

Writers Bench Project

Since the M.T.A. doesn’t appreciate the historical significance of the subway graffiti movement and in most cases refuses to even acknowledge it, this new “unsanctioned project” that utilizes the “camouflage of design to lend stature and authority to the Writer’s Bench at 149th St and Grand Concourse” is not only fitting, but in many cases necessary.

Artists Erik Burke and Yale Wolf have been putting up faux SubTalk posters in stations and even installed a plaque at the legendary Writer’s Bench, the focal point for graffiti artists during the early years where they would meet up to compare notes, trade flicks, swap stories, and show off blackbooks. The illegal, but educational campaign is an interesting method to recapture and broadcast such an important piece of New York City history.

VIA: animalnewyork.com

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