24 April 2009

The Lower East Side

It's no question that the Lower East Side has been going through some major changes for over the last ten years and more. People have seen it coming--if you haven't seen this documentary on new york legend Clayton Patterson on the conversion of the Lower East Side and East Village into a yuppy and hipster playground, go out and watch it now!

This is one of the elegant newly built giant parking lots in the area.

It's actually on the same block as Clayton Patterson's die-hard gallery and home. It's also behind a bunch of huge condo buildings and hotels that have gone up in the last couple of years. That bill board is looking mighty empty!
R.I.P. That Gate on Rivington. Alot of gates and walls on Essex seem to have gotten the buff recently. Bummer. Props to the dudes out there still putting in work.

Since shit's getting painted over, we decided to take a little photo excursion to try and preserve some of what's up right now and what's still riding.

Party's Over!


And old REVS tag still holding down the block.

And here's a couple of oldies but goodies!

Sorry if we left anybody out,
Props to the ones out there putting in work, don't sleep y'all!

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Bowery Boogie said...

great collection of photos.