19 April 2009

Chicago Came Together for Kool Kep XMEN THC TAC

"Under the unfortunate circumstances of the recent loss...Nate, a.k.a. KoolKep, managed to bring a community together Saturday night in the Chi. As a true legend and stylemaster, Kep's memory united the city and showed several generations of writers, bboys, djs, & mcs, that together we have a personal responsibility to push this culture higher than anyone would imagine. Rest In Piece - Brother Kep a.k.a. Railie Rail, our friend, teacher and fellow rocker. We will miss you!"

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JUKE179r said...

Nazon is still my boy even though he passed last April. Kapri (PUMA) called me out here in the desert and told me of his passing. Sad day man. Kep and I had our differences in the past even back in the days of the PUMA vs MOSA battles. It was funny that even damn near 20 years after that graf battle, Nazon still said MOSA slayed us. LMAO!
Damn. R.I.P. my brotha nazon.

MSgt Mike Goesmann
US Air Force/Detachment 5/OL-B
'86 til Infinity...