06 March 2009

Armory Arts Weekend: The Armory Show, Scope, The Fountain Show, Volta NY

Swoon Project at The Fountain Art Fair

Nathan Skiles, Green Contemporary

Erik Foss, The Shooting Gallery

Are you ready to be arted out this weekend? The Armory Show, the annual international art fair that attracts hundreds of galleries, has descended onto New York City at a time when people's pocketbooks are tighter then ever. Are people buying art now? Yes, but mainly cheaper works in editions rather than orginals. The $50 and under booth at the show has been very busy. But no matter, Armory means after-show art parties, mingling with a few people who will actually spend $25,000 on a piece of art, and VIP VIPs.

Artsy weekend highlights:

The "Modern Pier": The Armory introduces a whole pier dedicated to contempoary art. Local favorite Deitch Projects set up shop next to high profile international galleries.

The Armory's diriter, hipper cousin: The Fountain Art Fair at Pier 66 also descends on the city this weekend pioneered by younger, cutting-edge galleries. Screenprinting abound!

Scope Art Fair: Scope takes over Lincoln Center. In the same vein as The Fountain Art Show--younger, edgier.

Volta NY: a smaller, botique fair with a focus on the international modern art world orgazined by the people who bring you Art Basel.

Photos from Art Comments

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