13 March 2009

Audio Flashbacks of a Youth Not Wasted.

A time when we were all immortal and a brotherhood existed amongst my main set of friends that was upheld with the highest intentions and our whole hearts. Here are some of the tracks that will eternally resonate in my mind and are always capable of taking me to another place. RIP to the dead homies, I really do wish you all were here, think about you constantly. Here is to the countless/sleepless 72hr weekends we pulled on the regular. On to the music, copping these demos was the shit.

Copying and pasting the URL will bypass the need to sign-in. However if you'd like to search the site their archive is filled with every jungle mixxtape produced, it requires membership.
Phantom45: the Junglebook side A
Starting off with the notorious jungle remix of Masta Ace's "Born to Roll" In the style of '95 Chicago Jungle.

Danny the Wildchild: Batitup
Kicks off so sickly, possibly the greatest Jump Up-Hardstep Jungle mixxtape ever. First two tracks are "Ganja Kru" with "Super Sharp Shooter" then to a "Funkdoobiest" Accapella.

DR.GROO: Agent Orange
Always loved this tape, it's longlost though. In the style of '95 "JUMP-UP" Chicago Jungle.

DJSnuggles - Lord of The Dance SIDE B
Style of true deepdark '94 chicago jungle.

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