13 March 2009

Introducing The Newest Upset Member EMENFUCKOS!

Holy Crap! EMENFUCKOS is joining The Upset team of bloggers and photographers!
From the Northwest side of Chicago, Emen currently keeps his lens focused on keeping up with Chicago's graffiti and city life.  He's also into Mexican Metal--how awesome is that?

Here's Emen in his own words:  I'm Mexican and have lived on the Northwest side of Chicago all my life.   I ride the bus or train everywhere I go, and have been taking flicks since late 2005. I like graff, sketching, photography attending galleries, walls, meeting writers, stuff like that. My goal in life is to show people the many wonders this world has to offer.  I want to expose people to the things they turn a blind eye to on a daily basis.

You can peep Emen's blog and keep an eye out for posts from him on here later!  Welcome aboard Emen, we're stoked to have you blogging with us.
-The Upset Crew

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