03 April 2008

Don't call it a comeback,

it's just corporations biting. Again.
That perfect LOL moment for me is when I find mistakes in others especially corporations or advertisements.
Check out Subway's new campaign "Five Dolla Holla"A real 5-dollar holler aint nothing special, it ain't nothing different, it just getting between the sheets and hit skins, and for the money it's more than enough. The 5-dollar holler also refers to a Nickel bag of any form of dope or a $5 dollar crack rock.
Oh yeah, and I take offence to the idea of “Pimping-out" The Great Emancipator. Just becuase Lincoln was anti-slavery doesn't mean if he were to walk earth in present-day he’d act like a wigger from the suburbs.
Three cheers towards a boycott of the racist-Subway-pigs.

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