08 April 2008

RIP Funky Fresh Eazy-E

"You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge."10 days after being admitted to the hospital, Kelly-Park Compton-Crip Eazy-E died suddenly of AIDS on March 26, 1995. Two weeks after his passing, Compton Mayor Omar Bradley designated April 7 Eazy-E Day in Compton. And yesterday marked that day.
Top Ten things to do in remeberance of Eazy-Motherfucken-E on his special day:
Freeze your balls with a 40oz. in your lap.
9. Sip on the 8 ball.
8. Roll through the hood, cold tearing shit up.
7. Stop your enemies in their tracks, show them that you are ruthlles.
6. Burry muthafuckas in the concrete.
5. Cruisie in a '64 rag top.
4. Hit a hooker heavy.
3. Rolln at a snails pace and creepn, hoping to catch all of them sleepn
2. Jack tha freaks, clock tha dough

And the Number 1 thing to do on Eazy-E day is...

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