15 April 2008

North Side Shoot Out

On Chicago's Northside at Rosco and Hoyne a 5ft long, 150lb. "well feed" Cougar was the latest victim of Chicago's black and blue.

Fuck the police.



J-RE said...

CPD hard at work. I grew up my whole life in the Belmont/Western district. They're notorious for having the entire precinct show up to the most meaningless infraction.

Probably the most action they've seen in a while. At least they got to shoot something.

I hope the yuppies shat themselves when they heard the shots.


Nicky Dieter said...

I heard that while the cougar was prolling around parents were walking there children to school while holding baseball bats. Come the fuck on, this is a 150 lb. adult cougar on the block, the kids can have a day off school.