03 April 2008

RIP Wayne Frost AKA Frosty-Freeze, Rock Steady Crew

(Speedy D & Speedy Legs handing Frosty a Zulu Nation Hall of Fame Award at the 2001 Anniversary.)

B-Boy pioneer and graffiti writter Wayne Frost, AKA Frosty Freeze, of ther legendary Rock Steady Crew, RocStars and CIA crews, died Today at the age of 44. Frost died at Mount Sinai Medical Center after a long illness.
Frost was known for his acrobatic and inventive style. His trademark move was "The Suicide," also known as "The Death Freeze Drop" (a move that he created accidentally by attempting a backflip and landing on his back).
It was in a brief scene in 1983's "Flashdance," Frosty Freeze and the Rock Steady Crew introduced the world to b-boying. The defining moment featured the trio- Normski, Mr. Freeze and Frosty Freeze - on a piece of cardboard.
Mare139's Blog on Frosty

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