07 April 2008


Love documentary films? Ironweed is a monthly DVD service similar to Netflix. Each month subscribers pay $15 and receive a different “thought provoking, progressive” documentary. Unlike Netflix, the films are yours to keep. The films focus on issues relevant to current events. You can order past films, and they also offer a online forum to discuss the movies and activism outlets with other subscribers.

This month's film is about the war in Iraq:  WAR MADE EASY: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death

Featuring Norman Solomon, Narrated by Sean Penn •

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AbbieM said...

Hi there, I'm an Ironweed staff member and happened upon your blog. If you'll write in to abbie@ironweedfilms.com, we can provide you with some additional film content if you're interested! Thanks for telling others about our community.