03 April 2008

Steady sippin' SIZZZRUP

Note: drinking the substances described in this article and its comments can be DEADLY. I recommend that you do NOT try them.

Real drank is Prometh w/ Codeine VC, marketed by Alpharma. Nothing less than a deuce (2 oz) into a 10 oz. styrofoam cup, (a 1,2, or 3-liter is ok for ladies) 6oz Sprite 1 Grape Jolly Rancher and Ice. Real lean tastes sweet like candy, if your's taste like crap guess what? You are a toy and your boy hooked you up with ROBO, you are drinking a DXM cocktail which comes from robotussin. Promethazine is an antihistamine which suppresses your cough... so next time you sippin' syrup hit that brown dirt weed, feel like youre gonna die, take a sip, and watch your cough just go away. Prometh can only be obtained thru a doctor.
RIP DJ Skrew


Anonymous said...

no disrespect brotha but i been sippin lean since 1998.REAL lean is (your right)prometh w/codeine made by alpharma,barre,or actavis. the "VC" EMBLEM simply meens its a schedule 4 drug. they do make a prometh vc w/codeine but its yellow and its not good at ALL! the way i do it is,if i get a rx frm a dr (4-6oz)n pour it all in a 2 liter of sprite,chill it in the freeze 4 bout an hr,take it out.pour over ice,and your good to go! as for the jolly ranchers, i personally dont do em but to each is own!:) now if you get say, a deuce or somethin frm ur street dealer...buy u a 20oz sprite(or favorite soda)n pour the WHOLE 2oz's in that 20oz,let chill,and you good to go!this i cannont STRESS strongly enough!! if u get a script frm ur dr,when u go to fill it,ask the pharmacist to let you SEE the brand they carry(you have that right)if its that "hi-tek or qualitest brand, DONT GET IT! its not purple n tastes like ass! GROSS! go to a diff pharmacy(preferably a "mom n pop"one cause they have the puprle.im in new orleans and drank has become scarce since all the hip hop hype so docs are reluctant to rx it...find u a god doc and STICK WIT EM!!! happy sippin!

suwoopsippa said...

hell ya and alpharma is no longer avaible :( they were bought out by actavis... so it is the same thing in a diff bottle... and i feel bad for yall man.. i get a fuckin pint w 3 refills every 6 weeks... in the wonderfull words of screw, i put ice over 8's stright product of the H , or, im so h town theres codiene in my blood! stay sippin in tha double styrophoam G's colorado ^^^