11 April 2008

New York City Dance Hall Being Sued by $2 Dancer

The irreputable Flamingo in the Jackson Heights neighborhood of Queens is facing a possible lawsuit from it's female dancers after witholding money for their 2 dollars a dance.

The large $2 dollar dance halls along Roosevelt Avenue — including the Flamingo, the Casanova nightclub and La Romantica — attract young men (no female patrons are allowed) who dance with woman, whose outfits depend on the night’s theme: Bikini Night, Schoolgirl Night, and Pajama Night.

The club says "dancers are independent contractors," and therefore owners don’t have to pay them wages. For $2 dollars you can be balling in the club, but if you want to buy a lady a drink it's going to cost you. If your buying one for the girls, it's ten dollars and half of that money goes to the club. Damn.

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